Miles vs. Monroe Round 2!! Revolution S1 Ep15 Recap!!


Miles has apparently taken President Foster’s offer as a captain reports to him abo9ut their latest victory over Monroe’s men. He leaves the tent and looks out over the evidence of the battle. Word of this gets to Monroe who knows what exactly will happen if Miles is allowed to continue to run loose. In Mississippi, Aaron and Rachel meet a man who allows them into the Plains Nation for a price. Elsewhere, Monroe militia helicopters land in a small town. He orders his men to capture the people. In the Plains Nation, Rachel reads a schematic of the Tower. Aaron is looking for supplies when he spots a woman who looks remarkably like his wife Pricilla. He searches for her but is not able to find her. Miles goes to Charlie who is working on the munitions. He asks her how she is doing with the constant fighting but Charlie wants to know about him and her mother. Miles is then told about a militia soldier who has been picked up. The soldier delivers a message to Miles. Monroe will kill everyone, including Emma, in Trenton, NJ unless he comes alone. Emma finds and talks to Monroe. He tells her that a terrorist threat is coming but Emma knows that he is lying. She is unsure of what Monroe is up to until she witnesses his soldier beat a man to death while he stands and watches. “Bass” is not the man she once knew.

Monroe has everyone gathered in the courthouse. He visits the graves of his sister and parents. Nearby, there is a house where his family lived. He remembers back to a time when he and Emma were together. Elsewhere, Aaron is still in search of his wife Pricilla. He finds her in a bar to find her married to another man. She clearly has no more love for him after he left her years ago. Aaron is shocked and in disbelief. However, things are not what they seem as the man introduced as Steve is holding a gun at Pricilla’s side. Later, Rachel suggests that Aaron leaves since he is not able to reconnect with Pricilla. In Trenton, militia soldiers are positioned to kill Miles should they spot him. Emma tells Monroe that the man his men beat has died and she begs him to release everyone. She tries to appeal to him in the hopes of believing there is still good in him. Sadly, the Monroe she knew is gone for good. Miles arrives and begins taking out soldiers. He soon makes his way to the courthouse which has been set ablaze. He finds the residents and tries to escape with them but Monroe’s men are outside and begin spraying gunfire, trapping everyone inside.

Help arrives when the Rebels and Georgia soldiers enter a gun battle with militia soldiers. The battle ends when Monroe has Emma captive and orders Miles to come out. Emma drops a bombshell on Monroe—he has a son. Before she could tell him where he is, a Georgia soldier shoots Emma against Miles’ orders. Miles, true to his word, shoots the soldier. Distraught, Monroe fires wildly out of rage. He is taken to the helicopter by his captain but Monroe keeps fighting back. His rage directed at Miles. He is taken into the helicopter and flown back to Philadelphia. With Emma’s death, Miles makes the final decision to take the fight to Monroe. Nothing will stop him now. In Mississippi, Aaron and Pricilla makes amends yet go their separate ways. Back in Georgia, President Foster enlists the help of the one person who can handle Mile Matheson where Captain Dickson could not—Tom Neville.

I love it when the bad guys have a seemingly well-thought out plan only to have it slowly unravel before their eyes and they just simply begin to lose it. Sebastian Monroe had a simple plan—get power, conquer the former United States. Sounds simple, right? But what in the heck do you do when your best friend, who is a killer combat specialist and knows you right down to the kind of underwear you like, opposes you and gathers a bunch Rebels together to thwart your plan? Let’s add the fact that your most loyal soldier has failed you and can no longer be trusted. What happens? You lose your freakin’ mind. Monroe has become increasingly unstable since his encounter with Miles in the fall finale and even more so now that Tom Neville has left him. Two men he trusted so much and they’re now gone. So Monroe, to draw out Miles, takes their hometown hostage and threatens to kill everyone, starting with Emma. Miles takes the bait and a gunfight breaks out which results in Emma’s death but not before she drops a bombshell on Monroe. He’s her baby daddy. Now “Bass” has two obsessions—killing Miles and finding his son.

Losing her father is one thing, but watching her brother be killed by a militia helicopter has pushed Charlie too far. Where she was doing anything to save Danny, now she is willing to do anything to get revenge on Monroe—even if it means risking the life of a hostage. She was willing to shoot Emma to kill Monroe despite Miles’ orders to not fire. Charlie has made a huge change since her brother was killed. Hopefully, Miles can set her straight before she does something she will regret. Speaking of Miles, I never really saw him as the marrying type. At the end, he reveals that Emma was once his fiancée. See, another layer just got peeled away. Now we start to get a deeper look into the former Monroe militia general. For reasons yet explained (lord knows we find out soon), Miles left Emma and most likely has been carrying that burden around with him all these years. However, it is clear that he still loves her when he orders no one to shoot while Monroe held her hostage, only to shoot Georgia Federation Captain Dickson when he disobeys. Following her death, he fully commits himself to end the reign of Sebastian Monroe.

Yeah, I don't see these two playing nice

However a huge monkey wrench might be thrown into those plans. Upon hearing about Captain Dickson, Georgia President Foster enlists the help of Tom Neville to keep Miles in line. Throughout the series, Tom has done nothing but pursue the Matheson family, kidnap Danny and wreak havoc against the Rebels. He is as cruel as they come, willing to kill anyone who opposes him—even his own son (metaphorically speaking). In episode 13, Neville was captured and given his just desserts. His son Jason seemingly came to his rescue only to be betrayed by him for disowning Jason. Nobody likes Neville and now he has to work with the two people who want to kill him more than Sebastian Monroe. Yeah, this alliance is not going to go over so well. Wonder how Charlie is going to react when she has to take orders from Tom Neville, the man who killed her father and brother.

Sidenote: Revolution was approved for a second season on April 26, 2013. Yay! 🙂