Metroplex transforms!! Awesome!!

The Decepticons are blitzing the Autobots, threatening to destory their last hope of salvation–the Ark. Optimus is against the wall; his options are limited. He takes the only course of action left. Making his way deep into Autobot City, he finds the means to give his army an edge.

When I saw the gameplay video of Metroplex, i was overcome with glee. Now after watching the transformation, my hands are itching to get this game! Right off the bat, I love how High Moon Studios is showing the scale of Metroplex. Optimus looks like a pebble in the giant city-sized Autobot’s hand. They are taking some vast steps to truly make Fall of Cybertron a delight. I know I’ll be making TF: the Movie referrences the whole time. I WILL be getting this!!

Here’s anothher reason I’m more excited than an gitty school girl. Check out Jazz flash-dancing transformation while taking out hordes of Insecticons! And doin’ it all with style!

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