Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 3

Three demons leap into the air with their claws aimed for his back. A couple well placed shots from his large clunky handguns reduces two of them to ash. Dante blocks the third demon’s claws with one gun, white in color, and blasts it away with the black gun. The demons quickly gang up on Dante in an attempt to overwhelm with a sheer numbers. Dante flips out the way to avoid the first strike and lands on top of another demon, stomping it firmly into the ground. He bends back to evade a swipe aimed for his face, and then he kicks the demon to his right and blasts it in the back. Its body crumbles to ash. More demons attack. Dante effortlessly dispatches them. He fires his guns with superhuman speed, taking out several demons in a hail of bullets. During his demonic extermination, Dante hears the rapid approaching of claws on cobblestone. Either the demons in the alleys were done with their first catch or they got hold of the woman who should’ve been already home by now. Dante, after dodging yet another strike, flips into the air, firing his guns as he went. Landing back at his sword, he decides to clear the area. He fires several shots in front of him, nails a couple demons behind him without looking, and crosses his arms to blast away the two demons attacking from either side. Dante tosses the guns high into the air and takes up his sword.

“Now it’s starting to get interesting,” he says with joy.

The silver haired man whirls around and cleaves his sword into the newcomer’s chest. The larger demon disintegrates to ash before Dante finishes slicing home. The second large demon swipes its claws. Dante nimbly avoids them. The beast attacks again. Dante blocks with the broad side of his sword and knocks the demon’s claws away, slicing them off as he did so. The large demon reels back in pain, but Dante silences it by running his sword through its body. With the two larger demons disposed, Dante focuses his attention on their smaller comrades. The demons roar unanimously and attack Dante en masse. Dante dodges several attacks before countering with a few of his own. He mixes acrobatic evasion with stylish melee, disposing demons in his wake. An upward slash takes out one demon. A downward swipe takes out another. A wide arcing swing clears several in a row. One would assume that a sword of that size would be difficult to swing, but Dante carves it through the air beautifully as if it weighed next to nothing. After casually dispatching a couple more demons, Dante leaps to the air to avoid a triple strike. The trio of demons who missed him quickly chase after the silver haired man for a second chance. Dante returns the sword to his back and catches his large pistols. With a brimming smile, he dispels the demons tailing him and several more as he drifts back to the ground. He remains kneeling after landing. Then he crosses his arms and flashes his coolest grin. Fear returns to the demons as they move away from the man who has effortlessly whittled their numbers down to mere few.

“I gotta say, you guys didn’t make this evening half bad, but I was touring this city and you kinda interrupted me so how about we wrap our little meeting,” Dante said.

The demons, fearful of Dante, crept further away from him. Their intentions to slay him have gone awry leaving them with their only other option—flee. However their escape is halted by another force. A white light descends on the alley, chasing away the darkness. Dante sees the light and stands up. If anything was going to happen, he wanted to be ready for it. He watches the remaining demons. He sees the fear on their faces. More like terror, to be precise. Whatever is in the white light, it is making the demons want to seek death at the hands of Dante instead.

What Dante can’t see are the half dozen heavenly creatures descending to ground. Each one carried a long golden staff with blades at the end. The heavenly creatures wore simple but lavish outfits that were blue with gold trim. The creatures themselves were white with golden highlights. Upon landing, they looked down on the fearful demons. The black creatures stared at their heavenly white hosts, trembling like leaves in the wind. The heavenly figures, with their eyes fixed on the demons, raise their elegant staffs.

Suddenly each demon burst into a cloud of black ash with Dante watching. He doesn’t know what to make of the scene. The sudden elimination of his quarry doesn’t surprise him, but it does make him curious. Dante waits to see if he can get a glimpse of whom or whatever took out the remaining six demons at once. So far only he and one other person are able to defeat several demons at once. Dante wanted see the person or persons, not to issue handshakes, but to let them know who he is. Unfortunately, the newcomers remain hidden. But if Dante were able to see them, he would see that the heavenly creatures have him surrounded. They slowly move in with their staffs ready to strike him down.

“Now aren’t we being a bit rude?” said a woman’s voice.

The heavenly creatures look toward the beginning of the alley. A statuesque woman approaches dressed in a shiny form fitting black outfit. Long tassels, three on both arms, hung from straps just above her elbows. They seem to look like strands of hair. A gold talisman adorned the ends of them. The woman’s hair was done up in a beehive-type style. Red ribbons ran through the hair style with the ends flowing down the woman’s back. An unknown inscription was written on the ribbons. The woman stops next to Dante. She looks at him. To her, he appears to be transparent. The same can be said for Dante if he were able to see the transparent figures around him. The woman leans in close to Dante. “He is rather handsome,” she says, and then she looks at the angels. “And you cheeky bastards were going to kill him before I had a chance to properly introduce myself.” The woman steps away from the man. The angels step with her. Their focus is off of Dante and now on the woman. The woman looks across the angels. Then she strikes a sexy pose and crosses her arms out in front of her. A pair of large handguns appears in her hands. Another set of handguns appear on the heels of her high heel shoes. The dark magenta guns are larger than Dante’s and more lavishly styled. “Now then,” the woman pauses to use one of her guns to gently push up her glasses, “who’s ready for some…pillow talk.”