J1-Con focusing on being an anime convention!



I know some of you have known that J1 Studios has been working on a series of events, and I know some of you know that we have combined our smaller events Mayhem Madness (video game tournament), and J1- AN-EX (anime experience) to create the J1-Con.

For a while people who didn’t come to our events somehow thought that our events, (especially J1-Con) only focused on video gaming. WRONG! At J1-Con we provide premiers of anime, before they hit the US market, panel discussions from kimono making to cosplay tips, as well as card gaming for those interested in Vanguard, Yugi-Oh, and others.

Our goal is to provide as much as possible for every otaku taste out there.

“Like what?”

How about we’ve PREMIERED these movies BEFORE anyone else did:

1. Redline (anime)

2. Naruto Shippuden 5: Blood Prison (anime)

3. Naruto Shippuden 6: Road to Ninja (anime)

4. One Piece: Strong World (anime)

5. Ultraman: Ultra Galaxy Legend (tokusatsu)

6. Super Street Fighter IV- Juri OVA (anime)

7. Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox (Japanese/American animation)

8. Dark Knight Returns Part 1 (Japanese/American animation)

9 The Raid: Redemption (Asian action film)

And various episodes of NEW anime series.

Yes, we have gaming always separated from the convention, but it was never the only focus.

We’ve had various artist and writers for vendors, as well as actual companies like the stores Atomic City, CEX, and FYE selling anime, manga, and toys.

We also  have cool panels like otaku fan favorite Uncle Yo, female wrestlers like Annie Social, musicians in the nerd core world like Mega Ran, YouTube personalities like Uncle Thursday, and even the people behind companies like Play Eternal and engineers for the game BioShock.

Our cosplay contests always gives out cool stuff from certificates to box sets. We have raffles where we give away ENTIRE video game consoles for chump change. People have won PsVitas, 3DS’, WiiUs, for less than $20.00! How many conventions can you preorder movies and games?

For this upcoming J1-Con we are working on a few things like having female wrestlers back for fun Q&As, Game and comic developers come in and they do creation panels. Obviously, gaming tournaments, more anime, as well as CEX, FYE and other stores having set ups for you to get cool stuff at a great price! So stay tuned, and with the help of TAKII, and Azumacon, let’s create a Philadelphia based anime convention that you can enjoy!

ALL THIS FOR $10.00???

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