How was the J1-Con? Truly EPIC! 2 days of Philly fun!

“Had a wonderful night. Thanks for doing all that great stuff! Ultraman!”

“Had fun last night at the J1 Mini Con!! Sushi & drinks at the bar, talent shows, and cosplay!! saw all my friends I haven’t seen in a while, needs to happen again soon!!”

“J1 was awesome”

“You know the night was awesome when it end with your face being licked.”

“What a night that was… I cannot remember most of it unfortunately, so I’m sure it was something”

“Had fun definitely going to the next one”

“Guys, I had fun, had to leave early for work related purposes. But the past 2 days were awesome. Nice meeting new peeps and hanging with the regulars. Very good con indeed.”

These are some of the things said about the J1-Con that was on Sept 29th and 30th.

The J1 Studios mini convention was a success!! Let me give you a rundown of what happened at the 2-day event:

Well on Saturday night at the Headhouse Sushi Bar located on 122 Lombard in Philadelphia PA, the second we opened the doors, a small mob rushed over to the gaming area to show off their fighting game skills in various titles like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and more. Once people starting showing up to check out the artist tables, buy anime themed cupcakes, and purchase some of the most wow-tastic sushi ever, we put on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1. Obviously it went over well with the crowd, and to add to it we gave the people one of the newer Ultraman films, topping it all off with The Raid: Redemption. We had a couple cosplayers who just couldn’t wait for Sunday’s cosplay competition. Bless their hearts.

200+ people came out to have a blast!! Wow!

Now Sunday is the big day. This is when we had five different tournaments going on, we had live music from Alexa Gold w/ Goldenlover, Law27, and Tray Digga featuring the J1 Sound Team members Ray and Forrest. We started showing the new Tenchi Muyo series, which I have to say I was really impressed by it! Think Code Geass with Tenchi Muyo characters. Total mecha war drama. Then the amazing D-Chan and his TAKII (The Asian Karaoke Idol Invitational) crew came through and rocked out by hosting a talent show. When I say this was one of the most entertaining spectacles at the con…. believe me!

Love the cosplayers!!

Cosplay competition was so on point! We had some great cosplayers that obviously took their time. Heck, we even gave away a Playstation Vita handheld system (congrats Marc)! So we did all this plus had a rave! Yup a RAVE! Hosted by the one and only Dj CUTMAN!! So 200+ people came and made this a spectacular weekend!

Dj CUTMAN killin' it!

What a convention! If you want to see more of the pics from the J1-Con, just go here:


Check out the following:

Alexa Gold:


Tray Digga:



Black Tribbles:

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