Grodd Returns!! The Flash S2 Ep.7 Recap!!



Barry manages to recover following his fight with Zoom, but is unable to use his powers due to the psychological trauma of Zoom exposing his beating to the city. Iris reaches out to Henry Allen, who returns to the city to help Barry overcome his fears. Cisco has a date with Kendra Saunders, but leaves after seeing a winged man in one of his vibes. Grodd returns, using scientists to steal various chemicals in the hopes of creating more gorillas with his level of intelligence. He later kidnaps Caitlin to help him with his plan. The team dress Wells up as the Reverse Flash in order to trick Grodd into thinking that his “father” is still alive. The plan works long enough for Wells to rescue Caitlin before they both escape. After Barry is fully recovered, they lure Grodd to one of the dimensional breaches and send him to a jungle sanctuary for gorillas that have been experimented on in Earth-2. Later, Cisco meets Kendra again, this time vibing and seeing Kendra as the winged figure.


The big ape is back! Grodd has returned and he is meaner than ever. However, Barry is not able to help due to Zoom beating the crap out him and now he is feeling sorry that he has failed the city. Because of this, he cannot use his powers. Joe does what he can to bring Barry around but it doesn’t work. The only person who can help him is his father Henry Allen. It was nice to see Papa Allen again and the feels were flowing as Henry got his son to believe in himself again. Looking back, this isn’t the first time Barry has lost his powers, however. He had this same sense of failure when he encountered Farooq Gibran last season who took away his speed. Luckily both times, Barry overcame his fears and got his powers back.

There are two reveals in this episode. Grodd returns to Central City and looking to use stolen chemicals to create more apes like him. Thanks to a successful supersonic punch and a dimensional breach, Grodd is sent to a sanctuary on Earth-2. Now we know that the only sanctuary where intelligent apes can roam free is Gorilla City. In the comics, Grodd took over Gorilla City and raised an army of intelligent and really aggressive simians. I wonder how long it’ll be until he returns to Central City with his ape army. The CG and motion capture for Grodd is amazing, if not better than last season. He gets more air time this episode so we get to see Grodd out of the shadows of the sewers and in the night light. Next, Cisco’s new girl is truly an angel. Like she really has wings. Kendra Saunders is known by DC fans as the third Hawkgirl. Kendra was first seen amongst the crowd gathering to witness the black hole opening over Central City in the epic first season finale. What Cisco saw when he vibed Kendra was a glimpse into Kendra’s ancient past as the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess. It’s only a matter of time before this angel spreads her wings.

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