Ghost of the Past!! Arrow S4 Ep.7 Recap!!



Diggle shows Oliver the folder Lance gave him from Damien Darhk about his brother Andrew. Oliver is still in the run for mayor when they get a call from Felicity about the tooth recovered from one of the Ghost soldiers. Green Arrow and the rest of the team head to a pharmaceutical building in search of a chemical that will help them fully identify the man. While under assault from Ghosts, Diggle takes one out and removes his mask revealing his brother Andrew. Andrew knock Diggle back and escapes. At his campaign party, Oliver runs into Lance who give him information regarding the Ghosts and then he meets Damien Darhk who offers to help him. Felicity is abject to the idea of Oliver working with Darhk. Later, Oliver visits Diggle at his home and relays the information he got from Lance. They head to the peer where Damien Darhk is recruiting new soldiers for H.I.V.E. Green Arrow and Diggle are spotted by Andrew. Ghost soldiers quickly descend on them. Overwhelmed, Green Arrow and Diggle are forced to leave. Diggle is adamant that Andrew is truly gone and not deserving of another chance; however, Oliver believes that he does. After getting more information about the fake tooth from Ray Palmer, Oliver and the team prepares to leave when Diggles tries to stop them from getting Andrew back. With their decision made, the team leaves. They arrive at the abandoned dental building and sneak inside until they are spotted and forced to engage the Ghosts. Thea, using a new piece of technology, identifies Andrew Diggle and takes him down after a tough struggle. She then runs into Damien Darhk. Darhk attempts to use his powers on Thea but it doesn’t work. Green Arrow is dealing with Ghosts when Ray Palmer arrives in his ATOM suit and helps Thea collect Diggle’s brother. Afterward, Diggle asks his brother about the file which Andrew verifies is true and, at Star City bay, Oliver Queen holds a press conference where he promises to keep fighting for the city with Damien Darhk watching.


They say forgiveness is divine and that one should forgive and forget. And then there are some people who are just unforgivable. John Diggle gets the shock of his life when he realizes that not only was Andrew a criminal and apart of H.I.V.E., he is also alive and well, and still with H.I.V.E. John has written his brother off almost immediately once he found this out. He clashes with Oliver who believes that Andrew is still the man John once believed him to be. Oliver understands what it’s like first hand to discover the dark secret of a loved one. His mother and father weren’t exactly June and Ward cleaver but he still believed they were good people who were manipulated by Malcolm Merlyn. He sees this with Andrew and Damien Darhk, and he was trying to get Diggle to see it as well. Problem is Diggle is stuck on how much Andrew’s ‘death’ impacted his family. Diggle is likely torn between telling his sister-in-law and nephew that Andrew is alive and keeping everything a secret to protect them from any more pain, making him conflicted. He is also angry that everything he knew about his brother was a lie. Eventually, Diggle decides to take Oliver’s advice and give his brother a chance to explain himself. Sadly, Andrew just tells him exactly what Diggle suspected. He did lead a life of crime and he is working for the H.I.V.E. With this added drama, it’ll be hard for John Diggle to forgive and forget. The only relief he can find is that he is alive. Maybe things won’t seem so bad after all.


By running for mayor, Oliver is taking the fight to Damien Darhk on his terms. He knows this man is up to no good and he wants to put a stop to him the best way he knows how—by fighting him in the open. Darhk is like his namesake. He likes to stay hidden in the shadows. Oliver knows this. He knows what it is like to work from the shadows so dealing with Darhk should not be an issue. His Ghosts cannot attack during the day, meaning that Oliver has the upper hand for now until Damien Darhk comes to overshadow Oliver’s light of hope.

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