Family Business!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.6 Recap!!



Belle and her mother’s castle are attacked by Ogres. However, she doesn’t remember the incident. Emma shows everyone the video of her with the Snow Queen when she was young. Everyone splits up and begins to search for her. In Arendalle, Elsa is overjoyed when Anna returns home. Anna meets their Aunt Ingrid, the Snow Queen. Suspicious of the Snow Queen, Anna talks with the Rock Troll elder. The group finds the Snow Queen’s ice cream truck. Inside a locked trunk, Emma finds pictures and newspaper clippings of her arrival in the real world. Elsa is growing more frustrated in the search for her sister and begins to accept the Snow Queen’s story about Anna imprisoning her in the urn. Belle assures her that they will find Anna. However, she doesn’t tell Elsa about her visit to Arendalle and meeting Anna. In Storybrooke, Gold meets with the Snow Queen and issues a warning. The Snow Queen returns the favor in kind. Belle packs to leave for the North Woods when Gold enter the shop. He tries to stop her from going to the Snow Queen but Belle is determined to do so. She uses the dagger to compel Gold to help her. Emma goes through the files of her kept by Ingrid. Belle and Gold find the Snow Queen’s lair. Belle enters while Gold keeps watch outside. Meanwhile, Anna learns the truth about her family.


Ever had a secret that you needed to get out that was eating you alive? It happens to the best of us. But what if you’re someone who is too kind hearted to seem unlikely to harbor something dark? Belle is one such a person. She knows and has met Elsa’s sister Anna. What’s more, she knows what happened to her. When she doesn’t remember the death of her mother at the hands of the Ogres, Belle travels to Arendalle to seek help from the Rock Trolls. It is there that she meets Anna who takes her the Rock Troll Elder. The Elder helps Belle recover her memories and Anna learns that her mother has two sisters—Helga and Ingrid. Anna met Ingrid back at the castle and she immediately became suspicious of her. Anna, with Belle beside her, head back to the castle to warn Elsa about their Aunt Ingrid. Now here comes your “Frozen” moment. As a storm approaches, Belle notes its arrival to which Anna responds, “That is not a storm. That is my aunt.” She said the same line in “Frozen” in reference to Elsa. Well, this is where Belle’s innocence is tested. Hanging on the edge of one side of a cliff is the solution to her getting her memories back and on the other is Anna. It is interesting to see what kind of decision Belle will make since she was portrayed as being “innocent”. The fact that she chose the pebble over a human life shows that she can be just as selfish as anyone else. Maybe even more so. With her guilt mounting, she uses the dagger on Gold—on her true love—and forces him to take her to the Snow Queen. This is proof that even the sweetest girls can turn out to be sour. Luckily, Belle tells Elsa the truth but how will this affect Elsa feelings towards Belle?

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We get to know more about the Snow Queen and her connection to Emma and Elsa. According to the Rock Troll Elder, she is the sister of Elsa and Anna’s mother Gerda, which is the name of one of the children in Hans Christian Anderson’s tale “The Snow Queen.” There is another sister named Helga and Ingrid, the Snow Queen, is the eldest. Her connection to Emma was revealed last week when Emma found out that Ingrid was her foster mother. This week she learns why. Ingrid wants a family who will love her. Else shares her ice magic with her and Emma bears a striking resemblance to Helga. Ingrid the Snow Queen has been keeping track of Emma since her arrival in the real world from the Enchanted Forest. However, this leaves the mystery of the Snow Queen’s own arrival in the real world since everyone else was sent here by Regina’s curse. The Snow Queen wishes to replace her long lost sisters with Elsa and Emma using another element from the original tale—a mirror. In the tale, the mirror magnifies the bad and ugly aspects of one’s heart. She intends to use the mirror’s power to turn the residents of Storybrooke on one another, distorting the darkness in h their hearts. This is similar to what happens to the little boy named Kai in the original tale. A piece of the mirror fell in his eyes and he turned against Gerda and went with the Snow Queen. I bet that’s what Ingrid the Snow Queen has planned. She will use the mirror to plunge Storybrooke into ruin and bring Elsa and Emma to her side. And then she’ll have what she always wanted—a family. One more element from the story is that the Snow Queen can erase a person’s memory with a kiss. No doubt she did this to Elsa and Emma, taking away their memory of her.

Gold’s cover was nearly blown wide open by the last person he would suspect—his wife Belle. When her guilt over what happened to Anna becomes too much for her to bear, Belle uses the dagger to command Gold to take her to the Snow Queen’s lair. Gold keeps up the pretense and follows her order. If he hadn’t, Belle would have learned of his deception and he would lose her. Belle may be naïve but she isn’t stupid. She will eventually learn the truth. Hopefully, Belle going to the Snow Queen’s lair and peering into the magic mirror there plays in Gold’s favor.

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