A Mother’s Deception!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Finale Recap!! Part 1!!



Jaiying has Gordon and another Inhuman take a Quinjet and use it to attack Afterlife to make the others believe SHIELD is out to harm them. Skye confronts May who wants to defuse the situation but Skye defeats her. The incident is reported to Coulson who orders the team back. Fitz and Hunter search the video to find out what happened to Bobbi who has not reported in and discover that Agent 33 disguised herself as May. Elsewhere, Bobbi is being held captive by Ward and 33. Skye talks with her mother who is pushing the issue of war against SHIELD. Agent 33 and Jaiying deceptions are found out. Hunter and May go after Ward and 33 while Weaver is ready to strike against the Inhumans until Coulson manages to calm her down. Back at Afterlife, Raina meets with Jaiying and threatens to reveal the truth. She kills Raina and Skye witnesses it. Realizing that Skye will not yet join her, Jaiying has her knocked out and locked away. Gordon uses his power to teleport several Inhumans aboard the SHIELD aircraft carrier where the alien item is being kept. Coulson tries to convince Calvin that he was being used by Jaiying but Calvin refuses to believe him. The formula he has taken puts Calvin in cardiac arrest until he is revived by Simmons. However, the adrenaline she gae him completes his unstable formula and Calvin goes on a rampage. Meanwhile Jaiying and her Inhumans take over the SHIELD aircraft carrier and Ward and Hunter’s team find Ward and Kara while on the hunt for Bobbi. Mack, who has yet to be found by the Inhumans, finds Skye who has been locked up and releases her. He has her hack into SHIELD systems to send a message to Coulson. At the base, Couslon manages to restrain Calvin in order to make him realize the danger he has put Skye in. Calvin agrees to help Coulson stop Jaiying.


All I got to say is—wow! Agents of SHIELD has definitely made improvements since the first season and got better as this season went on. Delving into the Kree and Inhumans have help make the series more interesting as did the movie tie in to “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Marvel fans were looking to have powered people in the series in season one and got their wish granted in season two in a big way. The climax episode that get the ball rolling was the mid-season finale “What They Become” in which Skye was revealed to actually be Daisy Johnson, better known to fans as Quake and a new origin for this character has been set that fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The introduction of other SHIELD agents such as Lance Hunter, Alphonso “Mack” MacKenzie and Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird added new elements to the team. Lance’s brashness often clashes with the straight-laced demeanors of Coulson and May but he does eventually become a team player and proves his worth by remaining with Coulson when asked to join another SHIELD faction which Bobbi Morse and Mack have been a part of and were placed in Coulson’s team to remove Coulson as director. This new dynamic showed just how fractured SHIELD has become following the events of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and also demonstrates the different loyalties each member has to their respective commander and to each other. Coulson, who was seen as being unstable due to his compulsive alien writing, is able to pull everyone together into a coherent team and shows just how much he has grown as a director of SHIELD.

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