Dj CUTMAN’s New Site and Mix

Dj CUTMAN’s has returned from Magfest XI, and based on the sound of his live set from his performance there, he was very much victorious! www.DjCUTMAN.com – His new site is top-notch! With incredible art by Kipp Jarden and Scattle. See if you can find the secret beat he’s hidden in the lab. The Beat Tank is still accessible as …

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J1 Studios Interview: Dj CUTMAN

J1 Studios brings the camera to the 8-BIT LOUNGE event in Philadelphia, where we hang out with the host, Dj CUTMAN himself, and hear his story. Check out CUTMAN’s Music at http://djcutman.com/ And Check out his Record Label at http://www.gamechops.com/   

Chillin’ at the 8-Bit Lounge!

This past Saturday was the date of the 8-Bit Lounge, hosted by Dj CUTMAN. It was a night of music, retro games, and much more. If you missed it, then here’s a bit of a breakdown of the event for you. So what was going on at the 8-Bit Lounge, you ask? Well, there was …

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8-Bit Lounge Hosted by Dj CUTMAN

  If you’re a fan of old school video games and music, then mark down this event. Dj CUTMAN will be hosting the 8-Bit Lounge this Saturday at the Mausoleum of Contemporary Art (531 N. 12th St) starting at 5 PM. Tickets are $8 at the door, $5 if you by them from Dj Cutman’s …

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DJ Cutman’s got a Wii U!

I gotta say, DJ Cutman’s new album has me wishing I had a Wii U. The reason being so I could Identify where all of his awesome remixes of the system menu themes originated from. It’s great advertising for Nintendo! Released just today, Cutman has assembled a 9 track album of remixes sampled from the WiiU’s …

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Black Friday’s Best Deals in Music

GET THESE DEALS WHILE THEY LAST!! Whether you enjoy listening to awesome music, or creating it, here are some deals that are hard to pass up! take advantage of them before this friday is over! Lets Start with the Mp3s: Today only, our beloved DJ Cutman is practically giving away all of his albums at …

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Last chance! Help Dj CUTMAN & Mega Ran get into the Halo 4 commercial!

Dj CUTMAN and Mega Ran did a Halo 4 remix. I think it’s pretty dope. Peep it and hit FAVORITE so that they can win the Halo 4 remix contest and get put into a commercial! The more FAVORITES they get, the better chances they have to win! They are reaching up the ladder and happen to be …

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