Yu-Gi-Oh X Beyblade Chapter 8: Gingka vs Kobal Pt.2!!

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“We must believe that Gingka will prevail, Yugi. You and I have fought many tough opponents and we have been in the same situation many times. From what his friends has told us, the same is true for Gingka. Besides, have you not noticed?” Yami said. Yugi looks at him puzzled. “Though he is backed into a corner, Gingka has yet to waver.”

Curious to what Yami means, Yugi looks at Gingka. He can see boundless determination in his eyes. This situation may look grim but Gingka is undeterred. Then he smiles. Now Yugi sees it. He sees someone who will never let any bad situstion get the better of him. Moreover, Yugi sees someone who will win and use all his strength to do so.

Gingka has Galaxy Pegasus chase after Jade Cobra but the serpent dodges at the last second and counters with another barrage attack. Galaxy Pegasus holds its ground as it is pummeled. Jade Cobra breaks away after doing its damage; then, that’s when Gingka sees his chance. “Now Pegasus!” he calls out. Pegasus flashes its face bolt in response and charges after Jade Cobra. The blue and silver Beyblade delivers a powerful blow that sends Jade Cobra tumbling across the stadium floor.

“What?!” Kobal says in shock.

Before she can react, Gingka commands his bey to attack again. With amamzing speed, Galaxy Pegasus bashes the green and black snake bey again. Angered, Kobal tries to use her bey’s special move, Serpent’s Tongue. But Pegasus is there to stop it.

“Yes! He stopped it!” Madoka exclaimed. She and Anzu giggle happily.

“Alright, Gingka! You da man!” said Honda.

“Yeah! Bash that snake chick!” cheered Jonouchi.

“Give it to her, Gingka!” Benkei bellowed.

“Awesome Gingky!” cheers Yu.

“He did it!” Yugi says.

“Indeed. Gingka discovered Jade Cobra’s weakness and is now using it against Kobal,” says Yami. “Kobal is a strong opponent. However, her Beyblade’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.”

“Oh, you mean the two-second lag between each attack?” Yu says stoically.

“Ah, you noticed as well, Yu,” Yami said.

“Well duh, I noticed the lag the first time she used her special attack,” Yu replied with his usual cynical tone. “That’s why her bey has to take a break. It can attack quickly but the attacks aren’t very strong and pulling off too many quick attacks probably drains its stamina.”

“I see,” Yami said with a smile. “You are quite observant, Yu.”

“Yeah, I know,” says Yu.

Kobal grew increasing frustrated. Each attempt she makes to use Serpent’s Tongue is thwarted by Galaxy Pegasus. Worse yet, the time between each use is increasing as her bey begins to lose stamina. The two-second window is now four seconds. Gingka has also noticed the increase in time frame and is taking full advantage, having Pegasus consistently attack Jade Cobra. Kobal is left with no other choice. She must use that move. Though there is that chance her bey will lose more stamina, it is her only remaining option if she wants to win. “Cobra!” she calls out. Her bey barely manages to knock Pegasus back enough to escape and give itself some distance. “This is it, Gingka Hagane! Special Move!! Dancing Hydra!” she says. The cobra spirit in her bey manifests with a sinister hiss. Suddenly, multiple versions of Jade Cobra appear in the stadium, increasing in number until there several dozen solid images. The move catches Gingka by surprise. Yami, Yugi and Yu are also stunned. Kobal throws her head back and laughs. “Now what are you going to do, Gingka Hagane?! Only one of these beys is my precious cobra. But I should warn you. Dancing Hydra is my cobra’s strongest attack. Just like the great sea serpent of legend, when one of the other beys is eliminated another will take its place.” she tells him.

“Then I’ll just have to take them out as quick as possible!” Gingka says.

“Think you can? Take a look at your poor Pegasus,” said Kobal.

Gingka looks down into the stadium. Galaxy Pegasus is still spinning but there is slight wobble to its movement. His bey had taken more damage than he thought. By his estimate, Pegasus has enough spin for at least one Special Move. It’s risky but only that move will work.

“This isn’t good. Pegasus took too many hits. It’ll run out of stamina before Ginkga finds to real Jade Cobra,” said Yu.

“Have faith, Yu,” says Yami. “Though I have only known you all for a short time, Gingka does not seem like a person who backs down easily. He will prevail.”

Yu brightens up. He has seen Gingka pull off the impossible several times, even against him. Gingka is not one to give up. This time is no different. Yu has to believe in Gingka.

Gingka sees that Jade Cobra’s rapid attacks are beginning to wear on Pegasus. However, Pegasus is still spinning. That’s all he needs. He flashes a big grin that shows his confidence and belief in his bey. “The way I see it, Pegasus is still spinning! Which means this battle is not over yet!” he says with zeal.

“You’re foolish, Gingka Hagane,” Kobal retorts. “You have no chance against my Dancing Hydra! Eliminate one and another will take its place! Your Pegasus will sleep out before it finds my cobra!”

“Then I’ll just have to take them all out at once,” says Gingka. He then calls out to Pegasus, telling it to run wild. Galaxy Pegasus flashes in resonse and the legendary winged horse emerges. Pegasus begins charging around the circular stadium, building up speed. Faster and faster it goes until a blue aura warps around the bey, creating a swirling ring of blue flames.

“What is this?! His bey should not have any stamina left!” Kobal said in shock. The blue flames of Galaxy Pegasus eliminate the copies, leaving behind the real Jade Cobra.

“Hey Madoka, what’s going on? What’s with that blue flame?” Jonouchi asked.

“Gingka is using Storm Bringer,” Madoka answers.

“Storm Bringer?” Honda says curiously.

“It’s Galaxy Pegasus’ special move. And it hits hard,” Kenta tells them.

“No kiddin’. So it’s kinda like a card’s special attack in Duel Monsters,” says Jonouchi.

“Something like that,” replies Kenta.

“Well, whatever it is, I hope it knocks that mummy chick out of the park,” Anzu chimed in.

Gingka waits a bit longer for Pegasus to build more speed. The ring of blue fire created by Pegasus is preventing new images of Jade Cobra to appear. Kobal is stunned. She had thought for sure that her plan to wear Galaxy Pegasus with rapid attacks and use her bey’s Dancing Hydra to force Pegasus to lose by a sleep out was flawless. Gingka figuring out and countering her stategy was not expected.

“Alright, here we go, Pegasus!” says Gingka. “Special Move! Storm Bringer!”

Storm Bringer is one of several special abilities in Galaxy Pegasus’ arsenal. By racing around the stadium as high speed, Pegasus creates a vacuum the lifts the opponent’s bey of the ground. “Now, Pegasus!” Gingka calls out. Wrapped in a blue aura, Galaxy Pegasus charges, the Pegasus spirit runs at full gallop.

“Cobra! Sidewinder!” Kobal calls out in desperation. Jade Cobra’s Sidewinder is an evasive maneuver that allows it to quickly dodge an attacking opponent. Alas, the move is only effective when the bey is still on the ground. Galaxy Pegasus delivers a poweful blow that rings out loudly when the beys clash. Kobal watches her bey fly out of the stadium and land at her feet. She looks down, stunned that it is her bey that has lost, not Ginkga’s.

Cheers erupt from inside the barrier. Yu and Yugi show their praise as well. Osiris looks down from his seat high in the stands with a pleased grin. He knew Ginkga Hagane was a strong blader and the flame haired boy did not disappoint. “Well done, Gingka Hagane. You truly are remarkable,” he says. Then he turns to Kobal and says, “Kobal Smythe, you have lost this battle and will be removed from play. I’ll allow you a moment.”

Kobal picks up Jade Cobra while Galaxy Pegasus leaps out of the stadium and into Gingka’s hand. Gingka looks at Kobal. For a moment, Kobal managed to enjoy Beyblade, even if she sought his defeat. Ginkga felt a connection when their beys clashed, as he has done with past opponents like Kyoya, Benkei and Ryoga. “Hey, great battle,” he says wearing his trademark grin.

“What?” Kobal responds, looking at Gingka oddly.

“See, I toldja you’d enjoy Beyblade. All you needed was someone to give you a good battle.”

Kobal scoffs. “I was only trying to win. My carelessness in underestimating your strength led to my defeat. Nothing more.”

“Even so. You still enjoyed it, didn’t you? Even a little.”

Kobal is about to object again but she holds her tongue. Thinking about it, there was a moment where she did find joy in Beyblade again. Gingka Hagane pushed her to a level she hasn’t been in a long time. Before becoming a servant to Osiris, Kobal used to enjoy Beyblade. Back then, she was on even ground with her opponents. But as her skills grew, her enjoyment decreased. Finding opponents who can challenge her became bothersome, and soon so did Beyblade. Today, Kobal has found someone who not only challenged her but, for a moment, showed her that Beyblade can be fun if she lets it. Smiling, she looks at Gingka. Osiris flips her card over and Kobal begins to fade. She mouths out a ‘thank you’ before vanishing completely.

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