Highschool DXD’s possible return? Will there be a Season 5?

Here there, J1 Fans. My ears have been twitching amid speculations that the action harem anime Highschool DXD may be returning with a fifth season and it could quite possibly be this year. Poking around, I have learned that the next season will continue the Hero Oppai Dragon arc of Season Four and could be released sometime mid-2020. While many other sites are reporting this, nothing solid has come from new production company Passion Studios and director Yoshifumi Sueda, who have been quiet about the details. As a fan, I am anxious for Issei, Rias and the rest of the Supernatural Club’s return. However, this info should be taken with the finest grain of salt until we get something more tangible from Passion Studios or Sueda.

According to a February article on TV Seasons & Spoilers website, Passion Studios and Sueda are going to use the light novels as source material for the new season as well as the manga. They believe they can even pull out a sixth season, if possible.

OtakuArt follows this up with an article of their own, stating that the new season could release in mid-2020 amid speculation and rumors.

Series creator Ichiei Ishibumi concluded the manga with Volume 11 in April 2018. He has created a new light novel series titled Shin Highschool DXD which began serialization in Dragon Magazine in July 2018.

Again, take none of this to heart until we hear from Passion Studios or Sueda regarding Highschool DXD season five. While as a fan I am excited for a new season, I will also be very cautious about info regarding it. And you should too.