Wii U…still alive and well? Nintendo’s overlooked system is getting an unexpected update!

Don’t count out the Wii U just yet. Nintendo has announced they will be releasing an update for their eighth generation console system that has been getting little love. The system has been pushed to the back burner and nearly forgotten in favor of the newer Nintendo Switch. Since it launched in 2017, the Switch has tripled the sales of Wii U did in its inaugural year of 2012. The update has not been reported by the Nintendo Support site but Nintendo Everything says the update will bring the system up to 5.5.4. What exactly the update does is not known, but it likely adds “improvements on system ability and made adjustments to enhance user experience.” That has been the trend for the Wii U since 2014. The last system update for the system came in September 2018.

Not only has Nintendo moved on to its shiny new system, developers have also bypass the Wii U in favor of Switch. If that isn’t enough, the still-massive one million install base for the Wii, its predecessor, is getting attention. For example, Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2020 is slated to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii.