When Exes Attack!! Arrow S1 Ep17 Recap!!


The witch is back!!

Helena Bertinelli returns to Starling City bitterer and more PO’d that ever. Her father Frank Bertinelli has just gotten off on the charges brought against him thanks to his lawyer. Needless to say, Helena didn’t take the news well and expresses her feelings by making the lawyer into a human voodoo doll. Oliver learns that his crazy ex-girlfriend (as Diggle put it) is back and he is less than pleased. He is even more so when he finds her in his house talking to Thea. Helena asks him to help her hunt down her old man. However, Oliver turns her down flat as he is making the transition from vigilante to hero. Helena doesn’t take the rejection kindly and shows how far she has fallen into darkness when she threatens his family. This is emphasized even more when she shows up on the opening night of Oliver’s club and uses Tommy as leverage to force Oliver into helping her. Diggle strongly disagrees with Oliver’s decision to aid Helena who pops in the middle of their discussion. Switching gears, Oliver tells Helena where her father is and that there are two vans. Later, they locate and take out each van separately. Police descend on Helena when she opens her van and arrest her. Fearing that she will spill the beans about him, Oliver rescues Helena before Lance manages to pry his identity from her. Afterward, he hands her a plane ticket to Rome (to put some distance between them), telling her to leave his city. However, Helena doesn’t take Oliver’s advice as she shows up at Felicity’s office.

Oliver arrives at the office to find Felicity tied up. She tells him that Helena make her hack into the FBI database to find Frank Bertinelli. Oliver is forced to make a decision. As Arrow, he arrives at the safe house where Helena has taken out several FBI agents. With no alternative, Arrow shoots at Helena who catches the weapon just before it pierced her. McKenna arrives in the middle of their tussle where Helena shoots her with a shot gun. She escapes while Arrow tends to McKenna. At the police station, Lance decides to talk to his wife about Sarah. Tommy appears to understand a bit more about Oliver’s life as Arrow.

Awkward family moment--Detective Lance's wife Dinah (played by ER's Alex Kingston) returns with evidence that Sarah may still be alive

While all this was happening, Quentin Lance gets a surprise (and unwanted) visit of his own. His ex-wife shows up out of nowhere after leaving him five years ago with startling information—their daughter Sarah may be alive. Wait does Oliver know?! He will soon and we know Laurel is going to tell him. At first, Lance doesn’t want to have anything to do with his wife until Laurel manages to convince him and in the end, he finally decides to hear her out. There might be a chance for Thea to have someone in her life. She may be falling for the guy who snatched her purse (didn’t she learn anything from her brother) after he saves her from a couple thugs with some fancy moves while wearing a red hoodie no less (hint, hint). He is injured during the fight and taken to the hospital where Thea plants one on him after seeing that he may have a fear of needles. Luckily, Tommy works up the courage to not be too angry at Oliver for keeping his alter-ego hidden. Guess you can say someone twisted his arm. They’ve been friends for so long and been through everything together. Perhaps they can get through this as well. But how long will Oliver be able to protect those he has let into his “other” life?

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