Watch the first trailer for the J1 Studios documentary and more!

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We are just as excited as some of you are! This is finally happening! We have been filmed for just about two years (with a couple more months more in the future), and we are happy to say that the J1 Studios documentary is actually going to come out in 2015!

CAMCAMTV from down in Columbia Maryland, came up to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to hang out and vibe with all of us to film us which led to it becoming more than just a hang out session, and became a documentary. Watch the trailer below. If you love it, if you hate, let us know. What’s going to happen in the documentary is the point where we say what most creators want to say, and we’ll be showing you how hard it really is to put together something like J1 Studios.

For those of you who missed out on the J1 Studios Keynote address (which is like our own little press announcements), here it is.

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