Heaven’s Helper or Man’s Destroyer?!! Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep.12 Recap!!



Abbie and Crane awaken soon after Henry killed Moloch. Six weeks pass and Abbie and Crane are still searching for signs of evil. They uncover mutilated animals and rotted fruit stemming from a farm and got to investigate. They find a group of demons searching for Moloch. An angel flies in soon after and kills one of the demons. The remaining demons escape. Meanwhile, Katrina searches for a way to return Abraham to human form. At the barn, Orion the angel tells Crane and Abbie that he escaped from Purgatory as did other demons who resided there. While Crane talks with Katrina about restoring Abraham, Orion tells Abbie that the demons are in search of the Horseman of Death to be their new master. Abbie brings Orion to the archives. She tells Crane that Orion is able to kill the Horseman. Crane informs Abbie that Katrina may be able to return Abraham to human form which doesn’t sit well with Abbie. Feeling that Ichabod may consider Katrina’s idea, Abbie storms off to confront Katrina but she is gone. They discover that Katrina has freed the Horseman. Elsewhere, Hawley and Jenny search for demons using an artifact that Hawley has found. They find the Horseman surrounded by demons. Jenny relays this to Abbie who then tells Orion. Abbie and Orion head to the old house where Orion reveals his true intensions.


Relationships become strained with the introduction of an angel and deciding the fate of the Horseman of Death. Abbie and Crane encounter a group of demons searching for a new master now that Moloch has fallen. They are aided by an angel named Orion who takes a liking to Abbie. He seemingly shares Abbie’s desire to end the Horseman of Death for good. However, her endeavor is halted by Katrina who wishes to restore the human side of the Horseman, Abraham. At first, Ichabod opposes the idea, sighting that Abraham is too dangerous to be set free. Katrina has spent time with her former beau and he has saved her on a couple occasions. But the question has to be asked if her feelings for Abraham are slowly reigniting. Abbie suspects this while Ichabod tries hard to deny it though deep within he can’t help but wonder. Katrina has already shown that she can be manipulative. She has gotten Abraham to reveal clues to Henry’s plans and she twisted the truth about the death of a close friend to her husband. Needless to say that Katrina’s secrets have put a strain on their marriage with Ichabod questioning his wife’s intentions. Katrina used their marriage as leverage for Ichabod to allow her to try and restore Abraham to human form. An idea he was adamantly against at first. When Abbie arrives with Orion and she tells Ichabod that the angel is able to kill the Horseman, Katrina quickly frees him, upsetting both her husband and Abbie. If Abbie wasn’t highly suspicious of Katrina before, she is now.

Abbie is quick to join Orion in his search for the Horseman of Death but just as Ichabod has done with Katrina, she has followed him blindly. Abbie is told by Ichabod that Orion is in fact a fallen angel who appears before great cataclysms. According to religion, angels appear before catastrophes as messengers of God. However, the reason for Orion’s appearance is so he can purge the world of evil and bring about a new paradise. But to achieve this, he needs the Horseman’s power. Then he can pass judgment on those whom he deems wicked even if it costs innocent lives. Luckily, Abbie and Ichabod are able to stop Orion. The fallen angel has fled for now. This is not the last time he will be seen now that he is a new player in the field. Abbie and Ichabod will continue to strengthen their friendship while Ichabod works on fixing his and Katrina’s strained marriage. But both their world may quickly come apart when they discover the return of someone they lost—Frank Irving. Does he return suggest that Henry Parrish is ready to bring about war to Sleepy Hollow? With Moloch dead, who is going to stop him?

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