Voice actor of Dante and Ken Masters unharmed in robbery attempt!!

While filming a documentary in Guatemala, Reuben Langdon, voice actor of Dante in Devil May Cry and Ken Masters in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, was shot at six times while in the car with Steve Copeland during a robbery attempt. The car they were suffering damage as they drove away from the shooter, luckily no one, including Reuben himself was not injured. At one point, Langdon though he had been shot in the back but he is one lucky man. Steve Copeland posted a video on his Facebook page as they assessed the damage along with the following message:

“The message we’re bringing forward is both ancient and from the future” wrote Steve Copeland in a Facebook post. “Now is the time when we come together as one human family to restore our shared home, regenerate and see peace materialize on earth. Some people don’t want this [to] happen, but it’s predestined and will happen regardless of their attempts to keep it from happening.”

Reuben, channeling Dante, remarked that he is “glad” to have “had his bulletproof coffee this morning.”

(WARNING: Contains course language)

Source: Comicbook.com

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