Video Game Tournament Director needs help with medical bills!


A message from Chris Alexander of J1 Studios: 

“In early September, I found out that our tournament director, Katsu Hayami, had a expensive medical bill for treatment he needs to stay heathy, and is selling his stuff to avoid going into debt.

Good news, he is finding a new job, and is in good spirits. Bad news: huge medical bill.

Let me tell you about my buddy. At the end of an event, he asks to get paid last so if anyone gets shorted, it will be him. He has asked to work all day for free. He more or less introduced me into the Philadelphia fighting game community while we were attending Community College of Philadelphia together. He goes out of his way to help people all the time.

The stuff he is selling (or trying to sell) are all things he has accumulated over years of collecting, saving, importing, and it pains me to watch him give it all up. It isn’t just stuff, its memories, hundreds of hours of practice and play, and a release valve for stress that he needs now more than ever.

So, I ask you, could you help our friend with his medical bills? Your health is everything, but it shouldn’t take everything you have to pay for it.

And if you can’t donate, at least take a look at the stuff he has for sale. I’ll post links as he puts them online.”

Donate here: