Up, Up, Down, Down 8 Bit Music Party!! Gaming, Music and fun!

On August 29th I wasn’t sure what to make of the idea of the “Up, Up, Down, Down” party at the Barbary in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The idea sounds fun but the location is something that I feel would not be very “welcome” to the nerd culture. To my surprise, a music party playing various video game music and and chip-tuned versions of popular songs while immersed in a myriad of video games worked out in what people call the “Hipster Hive”.

Nole (Ken) and John D. (Ryu)

The theme of it this monthly combination of gaming, music, and beer was the Street Fighter fighting game series (due to the game’s 25th anniversary). So there were people in cosplay, and of course the cosplay was centered around the Street Fighter universe. Hosted by John D and Nole, the music ranged from Sonic the Hedgehog to Guile’s theme, so everyone had their own little geek “that’s my game” moment.

So from 10pm until 2am there was rocking beats, some icons in the gaming, and music industry as well as a radio show 8BitX doing live coverage. Find them at www.8bitx.com to hear the festivities on the air! Well, we promise that in the future we’ll let you know about this BEFORE it happens, so that we can see you there too. 🙂

Check out this gallery below!


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