“UnEarthed: A Demon’s Tale” Review

Demons and quests and magical swords, oh, my!
UnEarthed: A Demon’s Tale” has it all.
This title is more than just a fantasy/coming-of-age story. It’s about survival and friendship and tenacity.
One of the storylines involves Nina, a girl who wants to join a fighter’s guild alongside her best friend, Dwain, and her twin sister, Kara, who are already members. However, she continues to fail the trials necessary to join. Another story involves two people who are looking for a way home. Sadly, their memories are fuzzy as to how they got where they are.
This comic book asks many questions and provides scant answers. There are 12 installments so far and it feels like the stories have just started.
Stylistically, each of the installments is top-notch. Creator Marc Blair utilizes the empty space between frames in a way that helps build tension and act as segues to different storylines. Also, much of his work is photographic, making some panels very realistic.
Published on Webtoons.com, “UnEarthed: A Demon’s Tale” is told via scrolling down the screen instead of reading panels side by side and left to right like print publications or PDFs.
Blair should be commended for being the sole creator of this story. His writing is tight and engaging, and his artistic abilities are sublime. “UnEarthed: A Demon’s Tale” is clearly a labor of love.
Check back frequently, dear reader, to accompany the characters on their journeys as they play out here. Once you finish the first installment, you’ll be hooked!

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