Trapped in Vertigo!! Arrow S1 Ep19 Recap!!


Arrow visits the Count after a girl is run down near the night club while under the influence of Vertigo. Lance has the same idea only to see that the Count is not in the best of shape. At his hideout, Oliver tells Diggle about the new Vertigo hitting the streets. Felicity arrives with news of the Count’s escape which doesn’t sit well with Oliver. Lance speaks with the doctor about the Count who seemingly isn’t as bad off as once thought. Suspecting a new pusher, Lance pays a visit to Tommy, who has a history of drug use, to ask him about the girl and the possibility of him pushing Vertigo. Laurel defends Tommy. Oliver tracks a group of dealers who were selling Vertigo after Diggle went incognito to place a tracking device in a wad of money. He destroys one car but the other gets away. At Starling Aquarium, a man clearly under the influence takes the visitors hostage. Oliver heads out to deal with the situation. He arrives before the man can harm anyone. Sadly, he dies just as Oliver is about to administer the antidote.

Laurel arrives at the night club to find Tommy who was supposed to have dinner with her. Detective Lance shows up with a search warrant and asks Oliver to open the door leading to his lair. However, Tommy took measures to keep his friend’s secret. After the police leave, Tommy lashes out at Oliver for suspecting him of drug dealing. Oliver does the same to Diggle for looking into his brother’s killer Deadshot. Felicity arrives with the autopsy report on the man in the aquarium and discovers that he died of an antipsychotic, not Vertigo. Learning that the girl from his night club died in the same manner, Oliver suspects that the Count never left the hospital. He investigates the asylum only to find the Count restrained. Suddenly he is struck from behind. Oliver awakens to find himself strapped to a table where the doctor gives him a heavy dose of Vertigo. Diggle arrives to give Oliver a chance to escape and administer the antidote to himself. He then goes after the doctor who he quickly tracks down and manages to put an arrow in him while still under the effects of the drug. Afterward, Tommy quits as manager of Oliver’s club and goes to his father seeking new employment. At a diner, Quentin Lance is met by Laurel and worries that he may’ve ruined their relationship. Laurel assures him that all is fine. Oliver and Diggle’s partnership is restored as Oliver takes interest in bringing Deadshot to justice.

Oliver’s development of making the hooded vigilante into a hero continues. No checking off daddy’s little black book this time. Instead, Oliver has to contend with a previous enemy—the Count as he fights to save lives after a new Vertigo drug hits the streets. Channeling Batman, Oliver creates an antidote to counter the effects of Vertigo, which he attempts to use on a man affected by the drug who then dies of an overdose. Oliver is upset over not being able to save the man. This feeling of remorse carries on into the episode when Oliver, as Arrow, finds the Count in a secluded area of the asylum restrained to a bed. He aims an arrow point at his head only to lower it while it is still knotted. Before, he would’ve put the Count down for good when his sister Thea was almost killed because of Vertigo. But since his slow transition from killer to hero, Oliver is practicing to be more humane as takes down Starling City’s corrupted. It is interesting to see how Oliver moves from wanting to take out bad guys for vengeance to taking out bad guys for justice and how affects him as a person. He spared the life of a man who put innocent people in danger, who put his sister in danger, all for a profit. In the end, he decided that the Count was not worth it.

Just when things seemed to be going well between them, Tommy and Oliver’s friendship is on the rocks once again. After a girl who was at their night club is run down by car when she wandered into the street high on Vertigo, Quentin Lance immediately suspects Tommy given his eccentric past and the fact that the girl’s last text message was to him. The story is convincing enough for even Oliver to suspect his friend which upsets Tommy. It seemed like the two friends were beginning to mend their friendship after the incident with Helena Bertinelli once Tommy found out about Oliver’s night life as the hooded vigilante. Well, any chance of that happening is now cast to the wind. With Oliver keeping his alter ego a secret from him, being suspected of drug dealing by his best friend pushes Tommy to quit and effectively end their friendship. Now the real question is will Tommy continue to keep the hooded vigilante’s identity a secret, especially from his new employer—Malcolm Merlyn aka the Black Archer.

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