Singer’s last song!! Supernatural S8 Ep19 Recap!!


Sam and Dean arrive after receiving a call from Kevin who is having hallucinations of Crowley. He tells them about the second trial. After gathering information from a summoned crossroads demon, they find a reaper to take them too hell in order to retrieve an innocent soul. Sam, despite Dean’s disapproval, does the trial alone. He is taken to hell by the same reaper who took Bobby’s soul, but first, a layover in Purgatory. The reaper tells Sam how to get to Hell. Dean returns to Kevin who is still wary of Crowley. Seeing him losing hope, Dean tries to build Kevin’s spirits up only to be shut down. Meanwhile, Crowley learns of the reaper’s dealing with Sam Winchester which he takes care of by killing the soul collector. In Purgatory, Sam finds the entrance into Hell. Soon he finds their beloved friend Bobby Singer. Not believing him, Sam convinces Bobby, who’s been tortured with numerous versions of his “sons”, to leave with him. At Garth’s boathouse, Naomi visits Dean to tell him about Castiel, a story which Dean doesn’t buy. To earn his trust, she tells him about the first stop in Purgatory. Dean later finds the reaper dead in his cab. He then contacts the only other person who can get his brother out of Purgatory. Benny meets up with Dean where Dean, heavy with regret, kills his friend.

Sam and Bobby fight back a group of monsters when Benny arrives to lend a hand. Bobby is less than happy when he learns that the vampire is associated with Dean and Sam. Following Dean’s wish, Benny leads them to the portal to Earth. Sam collects Bobby’s soul but when it’s Benny’s turn, a group of vampires approach and Benny sacrifices his freedom to ensure he kept his promise to Dean. In Maine, Dean is there when Sam returns from Purgatory and learns of Benny’s heroic deed. Sam releases Bobby’s soul but Crowley stops him from going to Heaven. Naomi arrives as well, fights back Crowley and sends Bobby to Heaven. Later, the Winchesters return to the boathouse and find Kevin has gone missing.

Dean and Benny fought for their lives while in Purgatory following the conclusion of Season 7. During that time they have formed a strong bond like brothers. Even after they escaped from Purgatory, their bond remained intact. Last night, that bond was tested. When Sam’s path back to the living world is cut off, Dean enlists the help of the one friend he can trust—Benny the vampire (yes, I know, cheesier than Wisconsin). However, the only way for Benny to save Sam is for Dean to kill him. Talk about tough. Dean has to kill a man who has done nothing but stand by his side while fighting all kinds of monsters while in Purgatory which formed a brotherhood between them. You see that pain of regret on Dean’s face as he is forced to make a difficult decision. Benny is the only person after his father John and Bobby Singer that he has come to respect. With machete in hand and a final bro-hug, Dean hesitates and looks into Benny’s eyes and sees a man who is willing to die for his friend without any regrets. Life for Benny hasn’t been easy. He can’t be amongst his own kind because of his alliance with a human. On the same page, he can’t be amongst humans for being a vampire. Looking at the only human he has proudly called brother, Benny assures Dean that all is well with him doing this one last favor. Believe it or not, I almost pulled out the Kleenex for this moment.

I love it when my predictions come true. When Supernatural went on its fall break, I mentioned that Bobby Singer would return even if it’s for one last round. This was the highlight for me. Since his introduction in the first season finale “Devil’s Trap” and numerous recurrences throughout the second season, Bobby has become the warm-hearted yet crotchety uncle you can’t help but love. It’s his “lovable stubbornness” that has made the hunter as much of a fan favorite as the main stars. I felt that Bobby’s send off in the Season 7 episode “Survival of the Fittest” was unfinished; it didn’t feel proper. It was nice that Bobby was given a proper send off by allowing his soul to ascend to Heaven. Still, I feel that this may not be the last we see of Bobby Singer.

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