Transformers Prime series finale Recap!!


Ratchet works with Shockwave on creating a stabilized form of Synthetic Energon. Soon, he stumbles upon the needed sequence to make the formula complete. However, he cannot allow Megatron to have access to an unlimited supply of energy. He causes a disruption in the lab and uses it to escape. On his way to the Nemesis following Chip, Raf’s invention, Optimus is attacked by Starscream’s armada. While his minions deal with Optimus, Starscream locks onto Chip’s signal, tracks it down and destroys it. Robbed of the only chance to rescue Ratchet, Optimus pursues Starscream but he escapes through the ground bridge. On the Nemesis, Megatron learns of Ratchet’s deception. Shockwave manages to decode the encryption placed by the Autobot medic. With the stable Synthetic Energon in hand, Megatron can proceed to operate the Omega Lock. He keeps his promise to Predaking and tosses him Ratchet. The Predacon mercilessly assaults Ratchet until Ratchet reveals to him startling news. Megatron planned the destruction of his fellow Predacons. Enraged by his leader’s deception, Predaking ravages the Nemesis in search of Megatron. Meanwhile, Ratchet uses the commotion to contact Optimus and the other Autobots. He disables the cloaking shield so his comrade can stop Megatron from cyberforming Earth. Elsewhere in the ship, Predaking finds the Decepticon leader. Megatron confirms what Ratchet has told him. The two battle on another but not even the mighty Predaking is no match for the gladiatorial champion of Kaon. Through strength and cunning, Megatron defeats Predaking and ejects him from the ship. It is then that Knock Out informs him of the Autobots’ assault on the Nemesis. Taking up the Dark Star Saber, Megatron is ready to face Optimus Prime for what may be the last time.

The Autobots battle the Decepticons aboard the Nemesis in an effort to stop Megatron from cyberforming Earth. Meanwhile Megatron engages Optimus Prime outside the ship. Inside, Ratchet attempts to stop Shockwave from activating the Omega Lock but he is easily overcome. Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack take the bridge of the Nemesis. Soundwave halts their progress by ground bridging them to a hold full of Decepticons. Soon the Omega Lock is ready and Megatron orders the lock activated. Jack asks Raf to send him to the bridge of the Nemesis along with Miko. With the Apex Armor, Miko deals with the ‘Cons while Jack makes his way to the ship’s controls. Soundwave opens a ground bridge intent on sending Miko to join Magnus and Wheeljack. However, Raf opens the Autobot’s ground bridge and sends Soundwave to the Shadow Zone. Elsewhere, Optimus battles Megatron for control over the Omega Lock. Acree and Bumblebee arrive followed by Starscream and his armada as they battle for their respective leaders. Smokescreen arrives soon after with the Star Saber for Optimus. He attempts to give it to Optimus but Shockwave stops him. Bumblebee picks up the Star Saber and makes his way to give it to Optimus. Megatron, however, has other plans and blasts the Autobot scout, sending him tumbling into the Omega Lock. Bumblebee’s eyes lose their light as his spark fades. Enraged by his heinous act, Optimus unleashes his rage on Megatron. Unfortunately, the Decepticon leader manages to take hold of the Dark Star Saber and severely injures Prime with it. As he is ready to deliver the final blow, a familiar voice calls his name. He turns to the voice only to have the Star Saber rammed through his chassis by the last bot he ever expected—Bumblebee. With Megatron dead, the Autobots take command of the Nemesis and move it to Cybertron. They use the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron’s core so it can once again sustain life. With war over, the Autobots bid goodbye to the home and friends they have made on Earth. Raf, Jack and Miko are appointed as consultants on any Decepticon activity that may arise. Ratchet decides to stay behind. The rest of Team Prime enters the space bridge to Cybertron. Optimus gives Fowler, June Darby, the kids and Ratchet one last look of admiration and respect and then steps through himself.

It is not blood but energon that flows through my veins. I am a Transformers fan. And I have loved and enjoyed this series as much as I did the original series. Each episode was better than the last but these two episodes are the pinnacle of the series. The reference point for this three-part finale comes from the G1 series three-part mini-series “The Ultimate Doom”. Just as Megatron convinced Optimus Prime to activate the space bridge to save Cybertron by bringing it to Earth, he does the same to Ratchet by convincing the Autobot medic to perfect the formula for synthetic energon in order to use the reconstructed Omega Lock aboard the Nemesis. Ratchet unwillingly agrees as Prime did. However, they both come to realize their folly and fight back. Ratchet shines in these last three episodes as he takes matters into his own hands and attempts to put an end to Megatron’s plan on his own. Throughout the series, he has only been in action a handful of times. The first was back in the five-part series premiere when he and Optimus took down an army of undead Cybertronians, referred to as Terrorcons, which was his only major moment on combat. The other time was when Ratchet first created synthetic energon and used it on himself. However, this situation different because, although the synthetic energon gave Ratchet increased strength, it also had a side effect that affected his judgment, which made him talk down to everyone on the team including Optimus Prime. Eventually, he got off the synthetic energon and returned back to his old self. I was happy to see Ratchet, who spent most of his time in the base, make a stand to protect the world he used to loath and has come to love (somewhat).

Miko got back into the action for one more round. When Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack and Bulkhead are prevented from taking the bridge of the Nemesis by Soundwave, Jack requests to go aboard the ship with Miko as back-up. I had feeling that Episode 7 wouldn’t be the last time we see Miko in the Apex Armor. It was such a treat to see her pound some dents into Starscream and his armada. She dons the impervious suit one last time to take out the Decepticons guarding the bridge. My only complaint is that she didn’t get a chance to take the Apex Armor for a spin earlier. Still, it is a welcome sight to see a human take action against the Decepticons in an animated series.

Bumblebee ends the war

“One day an Autobot shall rise above our ranks.” Any Transformers fan who grew up on the original series as I did knows that line. These words were spoken by a dying Optimus Prime in a scene that shocked many of us in our childhood. That line rings true in the finale. Throughout the series, Bumblebee has stuck his neck out for his fellow Autobots more times than can be counted. For a scout, he has always shown extreme bravery in the direst of situations, going above the call of duty. One example is when he and Optimus battled the Decepticon Skyquake back in Season 1. Bumblebee took on the powerful Skyquake and defeated him after Optimus was knocked out of commission. In the finale, the scout rises to the occasion again. Smokescreen had gone off to fetch the Star Saber while Arcee and Bumblebee meet up with Ratchet. He arrives with the Saber for Optimus but he is hit and loses it. Bumblebee picks it up and leaps from the ship to Optimus with the Star Saber in hand. Sadly, he is blasted out of the air by Megatron and subsequently dies. No lie, I was shocked when I saw Bumblebee fall into the Omega Lock after being blasted by Megatron and watched the light in his eyes go out. There was that moment where I didn’t want him to die; I wanted him to survive. No kidding, I was genuinely saddened by this. This is how much emotion the show generated. It makes you feel for these characters. That’s the realism this Transformers series has produced. And I was glad, and shocked, when Bumblebee returned for the episode’s climax and runs the Star Saber through Megatron as he unleashed long penned up anger towards the Decepticon leader—in his own voice. Yes, thanks to the Omega Lock, Bumblebee got his voice back and spoke for the first time since his voice box was crushed by Megatron. This was truly a worthy final moment.

Optimus Prime has always kept a cool head and sensible demeanor despite the situation. But over time, his ire toward Megatron was building. In the first episode of the three-part Season 1 finale, Optimus has come to realize that there will never be peace between Autobots and Decepticon and makes the decision to destroy Megatron. From that point he fought more aggressively. In the finale, Prime boils over when he watches his faithful scout fall after being fatally wounded by Megatron. Driven by rage, Optimus unleashes his fury upon Megatron, giving him a long overdue beating. He did this also in the end of the first season. However, both fights ended the same with Megatron regaining the advantage. I can’t help but be reminded of the final battle between Optimus and Megatron in the original animated movie. Prime had Megattron down then but Megatron (through Hot Rod’s interference) managed to gain the upper hand. Luckily, that wasn’t the case this time.

Transformers Prime has been an amazing series and this finale is a fine end to the main arc. The Autobots battle with the Decepticons is not concluded yet even though Megatron is dead (?). Predaking is still alive as is Airachnid and her Insecticons who still pose a treat. Starscream, shockingly distraught over the death of his master Megatron, and Shockwave have both escaped the Nemesis in a escape pod. What their next move will be is unknown. Nevertheless, whatever the Decepticons have planned the Autobots will be ready. The Beast Hunters saga concludes in the movie “Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising” coming this fall to DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Death of Megatron

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