They have become something…Inhuman!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Ep.11 Recap!!



Coulson’s team is cleaning up following the incident with the Diviner. Higher ups at Hydra look for a replacement for Daniel Whitehall. Simmons is with a small team looking for a way to close the underground city off for good. Two members are attacked by Raina but she manages to escape. Simmons reports the incident to Coulson. With Hydra in an uproar, Coulson wishes to move in on them while they are vulnerable. However, Mac is quick to oppose Coulson and his search into the alien scribing. Skye’s cell begins to vibrate while everyone else argues before it finally subsides. After Coulson puts Mac back in his place, he stages a trade off with Talbot by handing over Bakshi. He and May Are attacked while transporting Bakshi to Talbot. Coulson and May are shot in the gunfight and Bakshi escapes with Hunter who pretends to be a Hydra agent. Elsewhere, Raina finds Cal and shows him what she has become. Hunter takes Bakshi to meet with Lighthouse at his vineyard. Back at base, Fitz is struggling with how Skye survived the cave in. He concludes that she is the result of it. Again, the room begins to shake when Skye becomes distressed.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns will a bang! The brakes are off and the engine is ready to run full steam. Marvel fans have speculated since the shocking ending to the winter finally about the reference to the Inhumans. Well, speculate no more! The series is going in full with Inhumans! After witnessing the activation of the Diviner, we saw Skye burst from the stone cocoon she was encased. Immediately, the Inhuman known as Quake came to mind. Before she started out as a somewhat bothersome character but slowly, Skye has become a worthy presence ever since Coulson revealed that she has been protected by S.H.I.E.L.D. since she was found as an infant and labeled a 0-8-4. Now we know her name is Daisy Johnson and she is Quake. With that said, let’s continue to focus on the family tree. Daisy aka Skye’s father is “The Doctor” aka Cal. Now in the Marvel comics, Daisy is the daughter of Dr. Calvin Zabo, whom Marvel fans know as the supervillain Mr. Hyde. Cal has already displayed superhuman strength. However, the reason behind this has yet to be revealed. That will come eventually. Now there is no clue as of yet which Inhuman Raina is. Unlike Skye, Raina was transformed into a creature covered in quills. She blames Cal for her predicament but he reminds her that her own ambitions are the cause. Raina was ready to end it all at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when she is rescued by the Inhuman with no eyes who seemingly has the ability to teleport. It looks like Marvel is ready to give the “Flash” and “Arrow” are run for their money.

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