Killing is my Business!! The Following Season 3 Premiere!!



Ryan Hardy is attending a wedding reception when a waiter throws blood on Hardy, telling him that he shot his daughter at the Korbin Compound. The FBI continues to be vigilant over the possible threat of a new uprising of Joe Carroll followers. A couple hire a girl for a threesome and take her back to their hotel room. The girl kills them both. At FBI headquarters, Ryan Hardy is handed a file about the girl who was killed during the raid at the Korbin Compound. Guilty, he heads to the Miller home to apologize and discover that the man at the wedding reception is not the father. Later, Ryan and the FBI investigate a murder at the hotel where the couple was killed. A message was left for him. They learn that the grieving man’s name is Andrew Jacobs. Ryan, Mike and Max enter Jacobs’ home where they see a wall lined with Jacobs expressing various sorrow filled emotions. Further inside, they find bodies strung up just like those at the hotel with another message scribed in blood on a wall—this time directed at Max Hardy. They determine that Mark is behind the murder and that he has his own followers. Meanwhile, Mark and his brood head to stage another scene of his family’s murder, where Mike Weston killed his mother Lily Grey.


It’s been a year since the fallout at the Corbin Compound that led to Joe Carroll’s arrest. Since then Ryan Hardy, his niece Max Hardy and Mike Weston are trying to get their lives back on track. Ryan has found a new love named Gwen (played by “Lost” alum Zuleikha Robinson). Max has a new boyfriend Leo after she and Mike split over Mike’s obsession with his vendetta on Mark Grey. But this is how things go in The Following. There is no happy ending, not when a new string of murders pop up where the bodies are strung up like puppets. It does take long for Ryan and Mike to determine that Mark Grey is behind these new elaborate killings. And as expected, Mark has gone way off the deep end. The death of his twin brother, mother and adopted sister have left his psyche shattered. He switched personalities between himself and his brother Luke. Think about the “Batman” villain Scarface and the Ventriloquist when it comes to Mark. One display of his instability is him having dinner with a mannequin dressed like Luke with a mirror attached the face so he can see himself as Luke while holding a cohesive conversation with himself. Now that’s batsh*t crazy. Despite his mental state, Mark, or rather Luke, has managed to set up some really elaborate murder scenes depicting the deaths of his family at the hands of Ryan, Max and Mike. And he has managed to gather his own followers, one of which picked up Mark after Luke is killed at the end of last season’s finale. However, Mark is not the only person working behind the scenes. One of his followers mentions an outside person who Mark is unaware of. Could Joe Carroll be lurking in the shadows? You know he is.

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