The Purge movie

Okay, so has everyone seen the trailer for the move “The Purge”? If you haven’t, it is attached. It probably isn’t safe for the younger set, just so you know. From the trailer and what I have read it looks like it will be amazing. I’m actually happy about a scary, suspenseful movie. It has been a while. But every time I see the trailer I can’t help but think of the short story, “The Lottery.” Please tell me you all have read it. If not, please Google it. You will love it. Also, if you haven’t read it and don’t want the end ruined please go read it before finishing this post.

So you’ve read it? Good. Let’s keep going. The whole point of “The Purge” is to allow people a rules and judgement free 12 hours of violence and mayhem as a release for all of the anger and upset feeling they have all throughout the year. In this movie society is allowed these 12 hours once a year. It follows a family during these 12 hours and how they survive being under attack by a band of homicidal individuals who are after a person they misguidedly took in during the purge. The story “The Lottery” is kind of similar. It speaks to population control. Each year there would be a lottery and the person who “won” the lottery would end up being stoned to death by the townspeople. Imagine having to stone your child to death. I could never. I think this story is similar because not only did it help with population control but it allowed the townspeople an outlet. They were able to stone a person to death. I don’t know if you know this, but that can take a while. Unless you get lucky and really get them with a boulder or they fall down and bust their head open on something, this could be a long process.

What do you all think? Are they similar? Am I wrong? Do you understand my comparison? Please let me know. And enjoy the trailer.

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