Miko wrecks it up!! Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ep.6 Recap!!


Predacon was given a moment to chill out

When we last saw the Predacon, it was bridged away to the frozen Arctic where is quickly became encased in ice. Unlike other Cybertronians, the beast is not so susceptible to extreme cold. It breaks free and returns to the Nemesis. Megatron is delighted to see his pet return. He places Starscream in charge of the Predacon. This may not be an honor for his second-in-command more so than it is punishment for the numerous times Starscream has tried to take Megatron offline. From there, Starscream provided comedy relief as he tries to gain authority over the Predacon. He is nearly fried when the Predacon tries to roast him for ordering it into the ship save for the decoration on his head which he gingerly, and comically, puts out. Once inside, Starscream attempts to order the Predacon around again this time while wearing the Apex Armor. This just results in the Predacon snatching him up in its jaws and shaking him around like a rag doll. Starscream has always provided the light humor in any Transformers series so why should this series be any different. It’s his self-destructive arrogance that makes it entertaining to watch him when he is thrust into these types of situations.

Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus still do not see eye to eye when it comes to authority. Ultra Magnus’ attempts to reel in the Wrecker have gone bust, which coincides with Starscream’s situation with the Predacon. Wheeljack was probably hoping to have the Wreckers back the way it was with Bulkhead before Ultra Magnus was put in charge. While battling the Predacon at another excavation site in search of Predacon remains, Wheeljack uses one of his bombs to take down the Predacon but the beast proves smarter than first realized and knocks it away. The explosion causes a cave in, burying everyone inside. Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack eventually unearth themselves. Ultra Magnus chews out Wheeljack for the incident even though Wheeljack’s intensions were for taking out the Predacon. Fed up with Ultra Magnus’ by-the-book authority, Wheeljack leaves to be on his own.

One size fits all! With the Apex Armor on, Miko tussles with the 'Cons!!

But the real highlight is Miko going to town on Starscream and his troops. This spunky girl shows him that he messed with the wrong chick. Miko was given the task of calling for reinforcements by Ultra Magnus when she encounters the Decepticon lieutenant at Magnus’ ship. Starscream attempts to dispatch the girl but Miko makes it to the ship and then to the Apex Armor that Starscream carelessly left alone. The Apex Armor forms around Miko and she gets down to kicking some bot. With the armor on, she tangles with Starscream and his troops, kicking some serious tailgate. Miko may consider this payback for Starscream, Soundwave and Knockout snatching her, Jack and Raf and taking them to Cybertron to use as bargaining chips to get the Omega Keys. This impresses Ultra Magnus who was initially not pleased with Wheeljack bringing her along. Hopefully, he’ll reconsider teaming up with the new Wreckers.

This is not the first time one of the kids has had their hands on Cybertronian technology. At the end of the first season, Jack was given the Key to Vector Sigma by Optimus Prime before leaving to stop Unicron from awakening. Jack proved his worth by going to the Autobots’ home world, recharging the Key and using it to restore Optimus Prime’s memories that were lost when he used the Matrix of Leadership to put Unicron back in stasis. With Miko taking part in a battle an Jack given a huge responsibility, this might set up for Rafael to potentially have his moment to shine. Hey, can’t let Miko have all the fun.

Here’s the episode for those that missed it!!

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