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Honor, Courage and Nobility!! Defining Qualitiies of a King?! Once Upon a Time S5 Ep.3 Recap!!

BEWARE OF SPOILERS, DEARIE!! Arthur tells David that several relics collected by the Knight of the Round Table have gone missing. A magic bean was among them. Rumplestiltskin goads Emma into seeking out the hero needed to pull Excalibur from the stone. She seeks out Hook to help her remove Excalibur. David and Arthur continue …

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The Black Swan Rises!! Once Upon a Time Season 5 Premiere Recap!!

Arthur finds the fabled Excalibur only to discover that the top half of the sword is missing. In Storybrooke, Regina and the others try to summon Emma who has been transported to the Enchanted Forest. They speak with the Apprentice who hands them Merlin’s wand. They are told the light and dark magic is needed …

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