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Dragon Ball Z Sells Hair Wax! Now You can be a Saiyan too!

‘Nuff said. But seriously, how awesome is this and why didn’t they think of this sooner!? You can choose between “Natural”, “Hard”, and “Super Hard”, and each type comes in a 3-Star Ball, 5-Star Ball, or 7-Star Ball respectively. Each is priced at 980 yen, which is $9.90. For your entertainment, I have copied and …

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Dragon Ball Z – Battle Of The Gods Review

Dragon Ball Z – Battle Of The Gods Directed By – Masahiro Hosoda Running Time – 85 minutes Released – March 30, 2013 (Japan) Dragon Ball Z…to say that you never heard of it, being a fan of anime or not, is to freely admit that you have lived under a rock for the past 20 …

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