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Save the universe with Sailor Moon!! First look at Universal Studios Japan upcoming attraction!!

Get ready to save the universe from the evil of the Negaverse! We get the first look at the ad for the “Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D attraction coming to Universal Studios Japan. The Sailor Scouts look amazing in 3D as you help them stop Jadeite, who sends a monster to collect human energy at …

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Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge available for pre-order!!

Get ready to fight to evil forces of the Negaverse! Canadian based game company Dynkami Publishing has made their latest table top game, “Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge”, available for pre-order on February 8. The game itself is scheduled for release this Spring. Check out Dynkami Publishing website for more details about the game. The …

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The Sailor Squads New Look

I think it’s safe to say that the art style and changes from the previous anime series are not too dramatic. The new art for the main five sailor scouts was shared today by Crunchy Roll. The one unmistakable difference however is how absurdly tall they’ve grown! I shouldn’t have to scroll up and down the page …

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