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1 Minute Melee Season Finale!!

It’s the season finale of One Minute Melee and this battle is going to be a knockout!! Punch Out’s rising star Little Mac enters the ring with Makunouchi Ippo from Hajime no Ippo!! Who will win this amazing bout?! Two Fighters!! 60 Seconds!! MELEE Season Finale!!  1,398 total views

 1,398 total views

Screw Attack’s 1 Minute Melee presents Peacock vs. Baby Bonnie Hood!!

It’s a cute violent showdown!! Darkstalker hunter B.B. Hood brings her basket of tricks to face the cartoon zaniness of Skull Girls’ war time cyborg Peacock!! See who wins!! Two Fighters!! No Research!! Sixty seconds!! Get ready for MELEE!!  1,498 total views

 1,498 total views

1 Minute Melee!! Roronoa Zoro vs. Rurouni Kenshin!!

Roronoa Zoro is master of the Three Sword Style! Rurouni Kenshin is a master samurai!! Who wins in Screw Attack’s melee?! The pirate or the batosai?! Two Fingers! No Research! 60 seconds!! Get ready for MELEE!  1,418 total views

 1,418 total views

Sora locks it up with Link!! 1 Minute Melee!!

Will Sora’s skills be the key to victory or can Link master the sword and emerge triumphantly?! Two Fighters!! No Research!! 60 Seconds!! It’s time for MELEE!!  1,374 total views

 1,374 total views

1 Minute Melee!! Virgil vs. Sephiroth!!

It’s the Son of the Legendary Dark Knight vs. the Baddest villain in Final Fantasy history!! Who wins?! No Research!! Two Fighters!! 60 seconds!! It’s MELEE!!  1,380 total views

 1,380 total views

1 Minute Melee!! Jotaro Kujo vs. Kenshiro!!

It’s JoJo Bizarre Adventure vs Fist of North Star!! See who wins! 2 Fighters!! No Research!! 60 seconds!! Hey ready for MELEE!!  1,572 total views

 1,572 total views

It’s Ryu vs. Jin in Screw Attack’s 1Minute Melee!!

They are the embodiment of Yin and Yang, good and evil, light and dark. They met in the crossover title “Street Fighter X Tekken.” Now, the Screw Attack crew settles the score! Who is the better fighter who walks both sides?! Is it Ryu?! Or Jin?! Two Fighters! No Research! 60 seconds! Get ready for …

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 1,830 total views

Knuckles locks it up with Wario in 1 Minute Melee!!

It’s Nintendo vs Sega again! Characters from both franchises have clashed before in Screw Attack with Mario characters coming out on top! Hopefully, Knuckles can end that reign! 2 Fighters! No Research! Let’s do it! MELEE!!  1,480 total views

 1,480 total views

Screw Attack’s One Minute Melee!! Naruto vs Luffy!!

Check it out as these wacky characters go at it!! Will Luffy D. Monkey be able to rubber neck his war around the antics of Konoha’s number one knucklehead ninja Naruto?! Two fighters!! No Research!! 60 seconds!! It’s time for MELEE!!  2,600 total views

 2,600 total views

Ghost Rider feels the sting of Scorpion in 1 Minute Melee!!

Prepare yourselves for one hell of a battle!! The Ninja spectre from Mortal Kombat takes on the Spirit of Vengeance to see who is the true spawn from hell! No Research! Two Fighters! 60 seconds! Time for MELEE!!  1,794 total views

 1,794 total views