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Transformers 30th Anniversary!! Beast Wars Characters-Predacons!!

Now that the Maximals were covered, it’s on to the Predacons. They serve as the antagonists in the Beast Wars series and just like their ancestors the Decepticons, they battle with the Maximals for control over the planet’s energon and seek to rule Cybertron. Megatron is the charismatic mastermind commander of the Predacons. Studying the …

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Transformers 30th Anniversary!! Beast Wars Review-Maximals!!

Here’s the second part of the Beast Wars review. Most of us know who these bots are but for those who may’ve forgotten, let’s start with the heroic Maximals. The Maximals are the good guys and descendant of the Autobots. Just like their ancestors, they fight for the good of Cybertron and the right of …

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