Kakegurui spinoff series coming to Netflix!!

Following a live action adaption, the next stage for Kakegurui Twin is an anime on Netflix. The official trailer was revealed on Netflix Anime Twitter account. return to Hyakkao Private Academy again! “KAKEGURUI TWIN” begins streaming worldwide on August 4, only on Netflix! 🎲 pic.twitter.com/jdA8K3JItx — Netflix Anime (@NetflixAnime) June 5, 2022 Kakegurui Twin is …

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Crunchyroll announces Chainsaw Man anime on the way!!

The largest library of anime is about to get bigger with the upcoming anime adaption of the dark fantasy manga Chainsaw Man, written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The series follows the story of Denji, an impoverished young man who after making a contract with a dog-like devil named Pochita, he fuses with Denji, granting …

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Netflix brings the real “Afro Samurai” to life in new anime series!!

What is happening, J1sters! DevilDriver1313 here and I’m bringing news about a new anime series coming to Netflix that tells the story of the real “Afro Samurai.” Yasuke is inspired by the story of a man of Africa origin who served under the Japanese daimyo Oda Nobugana during the Sengoku Period in the 1500s. The …

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Franchouchou is back in “Zombie Land Saga REVENGE trailer – new tour begins April 8

The undead idols are back on tour to save Japan’s Saga Prefecture! Check out the trailer for Zombie Land Saga REVENGE, the next season of the TV anime by MAPPA and Cygames.  110 total views,  4 views today

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Franchouchou gets revenge in Zombie Land Saga Season 2 trailer – premieres April 2021!!

Get your glow sticks ready! The popular undead idol group Franchouchou is coming back! The official Twitter account for Zombie Land Saga released a new trailer for the upcoming next season and a key visual featuring everyone’s favorite lively unalive idol group. Zombie Land Saga REVENGE is set to premiere April 2021. 【お正月三が日 連続発表 第1弾①】 …

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Attack on Titan roars back with 1st trailer for the final season!!

MAPPA takes over production. Yuichiro Hayashi replaces Masashi Koizuka and Tetsuro Araki as director. Man, it seems like we have been waiting 2000 years for any info about the final season of Attack on Titan. But the wait is over! The first trailer for the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan was released …

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Zombie Land Saga’s next season has an official title!!

Zombie Land Saga was an immediate hit (both figuratively and literally) with anime fans looking for a music based anime like no other. Thanks to its critical reception, the girls of Franchouchou are coming back for another performance. The official website for Zombie Land Saga revealed the title for the next season, “Zombie Land SAGA …

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Kakegurui XX casts Gintama, Naruto voice actor Akira Ishida!!

Well, there you have it. The final addition to the cast of Kakegurui XX is Akira Ishida who will play the role of Rin Obami. Akira is best for roles as Zeref Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Xellos in Slayers, Athrun Zala in Gundam SEED, Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Cavandish in One Piece and Katsura Kotaro …

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Undead idols kick it in “Zombie Land Saga!!” REVIEW!! *Contains Spoilers*

(Watch out for these killer spoilers!!) When we think of zombies, shows such as Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead and World War Z come to mind. Zombies in anime, however, take on a different role from the traditional flesh-eating creatures that many of us are so familiar with. Zombie Land Saga puts yet …

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Kakegurui TV anime returns in January 2019!!

Ready for more high stakes gambling and riskier betting? Easy, soon you will get your chance. The official website for the anime adaption of Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura’s gambling manga Kakegurui confirmed that the series is getting a second season. Titled “Kakegurui xx”, the next season will focus on the student council election at …

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