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Live-Action Smash Bros. Video looks Awesome!!!

Live-action fighting, really good visuals, and a good soundtrack, this video is an awesome mix of Kung-Fu and Smash Bros. Uploaded by YouTuber Tim Wang, this 5 minute video pits Dark Ness, who is out for revenge on the Smash roster for appearing in more games than he has. His first victim in his quest: …

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TRAILER: Little Mac for New Super Smash Bros!!

Boy, he’s sure come a long way…    Little Mac, the star of the 1987 NES/Famicom release “Punch Out”, finally gets his place among the fighters of the Super Smash Brothers series. This will be the first SSB game to star him as a playable character. Check out the awesome trailer!    5,105 total views,  2 views …

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