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King of Fighters XV unveils Rugal Bernstein and new game mode!!

What up, Gamers and Gamettes! King of Fighters XV has unveiled Rugal Bernstein as a free DLC character. The host of the KOF tournament returns with his Omega form intact and is just as deadly as ever. Players can challenge themselves against Rugal in the new Boss Challenge game mode. Rugal will be available April …

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Street Fighter 6 – Teaser Trailer

HERE COMES A NEW STREET FIGHTER. It’s official: Street Fighter 6 is in development! Stay tuned for more news coming Summer 2022. https://www.streetfighter.com/6/  254 total views

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Umbrella brings the salt as next Skullgirls DLC!!

It’s been a while since her announcement, but Umbrella is finally making her debut as part of the Skullgirls Season 1 Pass. Along with her companion Hungern, she ready to show big sis Parasoul what she can do! The trailer below shows Umbrella and Hungern in action along with a reveal of the next DLC …

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The Sandman returns in King of Fighters XV!!

Hey there, Gamers and Gamettes! It’s time for another King of Fighters XV trailer! The next character making their return to the series is the “Sandman” himself, Kukri. Check out him out in the trailer ahead of the game’s launch. King of Fighters XV hits PS4, PS5, Xbox series X/S and PC on February 17, …

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The “Flamboyant Firestarter” returns in KOF XV!!

The King of Fighters XV roster is getting a little more style added to it. Known as the “Sneering Firelight”, Ash Crimson delights in making his opponents suffer with his uniquely graceful fighting style and fashion sense. King of Fighters XV is planned for February 2022 after being delayed from its original Fall 2021 release …

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Demon Slayer: The Hirokami Chronicles – Tsuzumi Mansion Arc trailer

Hey there, J1sters! The latest trailer for Demon Slayer: The Hirokami Chronicles takes another look at the game’s adventure mode, centering on the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc of the story. The Cyberconnect 2-published title will launch October 15 for PS5, PS4, XB1, XBX, XBS and PC. Description: The Hinokami Chronicles is a spectacular arena fighter from the …

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Mai Shiranui is on fire in King of Fighters XV latest character trailer!!

The fiery “Flying Squirrel” is back in King of Fighters XV! Mai Shiranui, one of the hottest females in fighting games, is back with a new set of moves that is sure to burn up the competition. King of Fighters XV is planned for release sometime in 2021.  330 total views

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The “King” has returned in King of Fighters XV!!

What’s up Gamers and Gamettes! The gender-bending bouncer from Art of Fighting is back to put the “King” in King of Fighters XV. Check out the French Muay Tai fighter’s sleek moves in the character trailer below. SNK’s next installment in the KOF series is expected to release sometime in 2021.  156 total views

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“The Legendary Hungry Wolf” howls in King of Fighters XV character trailer!!

“Are you okay, J1sters!” Get ready! Y’all knew this was coming! The Legendary Hungry Wolf, Terry Bogard, makes his way to King of Fighters XV. Check out his newly rebalanced moveset as he spars with his Team Fatal Fury pals Joe Higashi and brother Andy Bogard.  210 total views

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Check out the first two King of Fighters XV character trailers!!

After SNK dropped a teaser for the next entry in their long running King of Fighters series, they have recently presented the first two character trailers. Last week was the trailer for Shun’ei. This week’s trailer features Meitenkun. Check out these two fighters in action below. King of Fighters XV is planned for release sometime …

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