Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee

For those of you that know me, you know I have tremendous respect for Bruce Lee and the legend that he was. That aside, you dont need to know a thing about this man to enjoy the collection of his thoughts and philosophies that have been compiled into a volume called Striking Thoughts.

“No matter what it is you’re doing, do it with total honesty and total dedication”

Lee’s Philosophy forms for us a vision of a world of progress, a world of enlightenment, unflawed from ignorance superstition, and corruption. in Lee’s words “a world of love, peace, and brotherhood”. within the first 10 pages of the preface of the book, many meaningful stories are shared from those who knew Bruce in his life, including the NBA’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, actor Steve McQueen, and director James Coburn. They share tales of how Bruce encouraged his followers and students to be creative in directing their lives, inspiring them to develop their potential beyond previously imposed limits, to a point where confidence overrides fear.

Consisting of 72 topics and 825 aphorisms, Striking Thoughts is for the free spirit who chooses to live by the power of his or her own mind, rather than relying on tradition or external sources in making decisions about life and how to live it.




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