Spider-Man: Far From Home VR is coming…and it’s FREE!!

Get ready to experience the web-slinging fun once again. This time you are Spider-Man in the upcoming VR game developed by CreateVR, who also worked on the tie-in games Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Ghostbusters reboot. Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to follow Peter Parker on his journey to becoming a true hero. Sony is publishing the game and bringing the experience to select Regal Theaters in North America on July 7, running on HP’s Reverb headset.

Unlike Spider-Man: Homecoming where you were mostly stationary, Spider-Man: Far From Home allows players to swing around freely as Spider-Man. Players can choose from four suits worn by the wall crawler from the MCU and swing through New York City. The game will be released on PSVR and Steam.

Sources: Gamespot

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