Speed Demon!! Flash S2 Ep.6 Recap!!



Barry and his friends make plans to stop Zoom using Doctor Light as bait. However, she escapes by rendering herself invisible. They reconfigure their plans to Barry taking on Zoom as he is but Joe is against the idea, stating that Barry is not ready. Cisco attempts to use his ability to learn more about Harrison Wells’ hatred towards Zoom. Wells immediately is on to him and orders Cisco to never touch him again. Frustrated with the death of her boss at the hands of someone who has her face, Linda Park offers to help the Flash with his plan to stop Zoom. Linda puts on Doctor Light’s outfit that she left behind and then she practices using gloves developed by Cisco that simulate the real Doctor Light’s power. Barry feels that Linda is ready while Joe is steadfast against putting her in danger. Barry, that night, meets with Linda where he reveals himself to be the Flash. Afterward, everyone heads to the docks where a rift has been found. Linda, as Doctor Light, and Barry stage a fight to make it look like that the Flash has been beaten. Linda removes the emblem from Flash’s chest and tosses it through the rift. Joe and Harrison Wells wait for Zoom to show. After an hour, Barry calls off the sting. Barry and the other return to Star Labs while Linda and Iris go to the newspaper. Just as Linda leaves to head home, she is taken by Zoom. Flash rushes to the roof where Zoom tosses Linda off. Flash is able to save Linda and then he engages Zoom only to be soundly beaten. Time passes before Barry wakes up to discover that he unable to feel his legs.


Here we are! Not even halfway through the season and so much awesome stuff has happened. Barry is still having issues with everything that happened with the Reverse-Flash and is more determined to stop Zoom even if it means his life or possibly someone else’s. Linda Park is ready to help Flash catch Zoom by posing as Doctor Light aka Linda Park of Earth-2. Barry thought she was ready though Joe knew better. Luckily, Joe is there to be the voice of reason as Barry begins to pull away, willing to take risks just to protect his friends and family. My only gripe is that Barry is expanding his circle of people who know about him being the Flash. In order to get Linda to trust him, he reveals to her that he is the Flash. This contradicts his reasoning for using his abilities to protect those around him. This is kinda hard to do if he keeps adding people to his “I am the Flash” list. If you’ve been keeping track, Linda makes thirteen people who know about Barry being the Flash (8 in Central City including the Snarts and the entire Arrow Team). Only Tony Stark can pull this off and have it work. Not too long after revealing himself to Linda is she taken by Zoom to the roof of Star Labs. Just like in Season One, the two speedsters battle each other again, this time Flash against Zoom who is meaner and more powerful than Reverse-Flash. He even caught the lightning bolt that Barry threw at him in midflight and hurls it right back. Zoom is vicious and scary as all hell. Tony Todd plays to heck out of this character even if he isn’t in the suit (as far as we know). His voice captures just how evil Zoom truly is. No lie, Zoom is THE Speed Demon. He beats Barry to within an inch of his life and races with him around the city, showing how he broke him. Batman knows this feeling all too well. Barry does recover from his injuries except he is paralyzed. Without his legs, Barry’s days as the Fastest Man Alive are over. That title now belongs to Zoom.

Well, thanks to Cisco, we now know why Earth-2 Harrison Wells has such strong angst towards Jay Garrick and hatred for Zoom. Zoom kidnapped his daughter Jessica and Wells blames Jay Garrick for not being there in time to save her. But Zoom was created when the particle accelerator exploded, much in the same way Barry got his speed and became the Flash. So it’s likely that Wells is taking his frustrations out too much on Jay when he really should be blaming himself. Hopefully, Jay and Wells can come to a consensus and knock off the bickering.