A Crazy Thing called Love!! Gotham S2 Ep.8 Recap!!



Barbara walks into the GCPD and is taken into interrogation where tell Jim that she has a surprise waiting for him. After the interview, Jim convinces Barnes to allow him to go with Barbara despite protests from Barnes and Thompkins. Barnes organizes the strike force to assist and protect Gordon. Bruce Wayne meets with Theo Galavan who has information about the dark secrets of Wayne Enterprises and the night his parents were murdered. Gordon and Bullock drive Barbara to the location she gave when they are suddenly ambushed by a truck loaded with militia. Edward Nygma buries Kristen Kryngle in the park after placing her body in a steel box. He is interrupted by a hunter whom he knocks out. At the GCPD, Barnes gathers the remaining strike force members to hunt for Barbara Kean and rescue Jim Gordon, who is being held captive at a church by Barbara who is in a wedding dress. She reveals that she has Leslie Thompkins. Jim and Thompkins try to get through to Barbara but Barbara threatens to kill Thompkins. Thompkins distracts Barbara long enough for Jim to break free. Bullock listens to the recording of Barbara taken from the police car. He tells Barnes that Jim is being held at Gotham Cathedral. The GCPD swarm the church just as Jim takes down several armed men and wounds Tabitha Galavan. He chases Barbara to the second level of the church. There is short struggle that leads to Barbara crashing through the stained glass window. Jim holds onto her but Barbara lets go and plummets to the ground. She survives but is critically injured. Despite all that has happened, Jim did get Barbara to reveal the location of Mayor Aubrey James. They find him and Mayor James names Theo Galavan as his kidnapper. Bruce Wayne is about to sign over his family’s company but he eventually refuses. It is then that Jim Gordon and the GCPD burst into Theo’s office and arrest him. During the commotion, the envelope containing the name of the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne is tossed into the fire by an unseen person. Elsewhere, Edward Nygma follows a blood trail through the woods that leads to a trailer and a gravely injured Penguin.


Some women get emotional especially when they are dumped on their wedding day. They get a little crazy. Barbara Kean has gone way beyond that and entered the realm of madness. She has it locked in her mind that if she can’t have Jim Gordon then no woman can, hence why she wants to kill him. When she gets the go ahead to kill Gordon from Theo Galavan, Barbara sets Jim up to lore him into an obvious trap that everyone sees coming a mile away. Jim says he was playing along but he keeps up the false hope that Barbara can be saved. When is he going to realize that some people just don’t want to be saved, including Barbara who has given into her insanity. He still loves her but he has to realize that she is gonzo. She has him dragged to a shotgun wedding (really, she had a shotgun) and plans to marry as she was supposed back in season one. At first, I wasn’t too sure about crazy Barbara because her whimsy demeanor and erratic antics were comical at times. However, that is also the reason I find her interesting. She was no Jerome who did a wonderful job promoting an early Joker-like character that was believable. But Babs is deranged in her own right and has shown that she can be crazier than a three-eyed steel tooth dog in a hubcap factory. Another aspect that made her that much more likable is how tightly she has Jim Gordon by the balls. The poor guy can barely think straight whenever she is around and his blind love for her has led him into many a trap set by Barbara who is surprisingly cunning. Hopefully, the two-story fall by Barbara will knock some sense into them both. Or Jim Gordon at least.


And a great plan comes to an end. Theo Galavan came to Gotham City to reclaim his family’s honor by destroying the Wayne legacy. He offers Bruce Wayne the name of his parents’ murderer in exchange for control of Wayne Enterprises. Like Gordon, Bruce’s love for his parents is used as a weapon against him and he is forced to make a conflicting decision—honor his family legacy or destroy it. Luckily, Bruce is a lot quicker on the draw than Gordon and he refuses to give up his company. The first stone of Galavan’s plan falls followed by another stone when Mayor Aubrey is found and names him as his kidnapper, and then he is arrested by Jim Gordon. So it appears that Theo Galavan will not be restoring his family name but he is way too smart not to have some sort of contingency plan. I just don’t see someone like him going down easily. He’s got an ace squirreled away somewhere in his deck. It’s only a matter of time before Theo Galavan shows his hand.