Secrets and Lies!! The Following S3 Ep.3 Recap!!



Ryan Hardy look into the person that put Agent Clark in the steel box. Mendez holds a press conference and reveals the artist’s rendition of Daisy and Kyle. During the conference, Ryan states Mark Grey’s involvement with the people who killed Clark. Mark, watching the report, begins to quickly unravel. Daisy becomes concerned and tells Kyle to call someone named Julianna. They meet with her at a diner where she discusses Mark Grey. Elsewhere, Ryan talks with Olivia about a girl who was killed two years ago. Olivia tells him about a man who used people for his art. Ryan, Mike and Max head to the location given by Olivia where they find the “artist”. Meanwhile, Mark kidnaps two reporters with the purpose of telling his side of the story. Ryan and Mike get the email address from the man about his partner who put Clark in a steel box. At his wood shop, he has a nurse tied up and is ready to put her in a small box when Ryan and Mike break into his shop. They chase Neil to the roof but he manages to elude them. Mark is interviewed by one of the reporters. Daisy receives a call from Neil who had to flee with his father just before FBI raid his house. The reporter asks Mark about Kyle and Daisy being his followers and mentions that Kyle laughed at the statement. Realizing that Neil’s father suffers from dementia, Ryan uses the GPS tracker to track them down to a local farmer’s market. Neil spots Ryan and tries to escape with his father, killing a man before stealing his car and escaping, leaving his father behind. Ryan and Mike eventually catch up to Neil and Max fatally shoots him when he tries to attack Ryan. Later at Max’s apartment, Daisy and Kyle set up hidden cameras.


Well it seems that something is brewing and the FBI are unaware of it (again). After witnessing another breakdown by Mark, Kyle and Daisy meet with a woman named Julianna who tells them to keep a watch on Mark. So it looks like Mark is merely a pawn in a much grander scheme. I think we might be due for the return of Joe Carroll. I had a feeling that this whole ‘Ryan is a liar’ thing by Mark was a cover up for another plot entirely. This doesn’t seem like something Mark could come up with on his own. It’s too coherent, too cohesive for someone in his mental state. Then again scarier sh*t has happened.

The case with Mark Grey seems to be getting to Ryan Hardy. We see him cry into his current girlfriend Gwen’s arms following the death of Agent Clark. Heck, he been dealing with this for a couple years now and folks just keep dying around him, except for Claire Matthews, she was one of the lucky ones. Over those years, a lot of stuff got covered up by Mendez in order to keep a badge in Ryan’s pocket but those skeletons are close to coming back to haunt him with the potential of damaging the FBI. The first step was during a news conference when a reporter asked Ryan about Clark’s confession that was broadcasted before his murder. In true fashion, Ryan dodges the question and redirects. The second step is when Maria, Clark’s wife, blames Ryan for her husband’s death for lying for Ryan. Now what is step three—quite possibly the exposure of how Ryan Hardy may be responsible for Lily Grey’s murder.

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