Revolution’s evolution!! Season 1 recap!

In my pilot review of Revolution I expressed concern for the show’s continuality. I am happy to retract that concern and replace it with a hope for this series’ success. So much has happened since then. Charlie has managed to convince her uncle Miles to help her save her brother Danny from the Monroe Republic. Maggie and Aaron join them on their journey. However it is not easy as they must avoid soldiers of the Monroe Republic. They meet up with an old friend of Miles named Nora, who agrees to help Charlie after being rescued from the militia.

Monroe Republic HQ. Figures,

Meanwhile Danny is still a captive of the militia as he is being transported to the militia capital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yeah, Philly’s back on the map in this show and Independence Hall is Monroe’s HQ. Well, if the Declaration of Independence can be signed there then why not try to start a new regime ruled with an iron fist. Kind of an oxymoron is you ask me. Charlie, Miles, Aaron, Maggie and Nora continue to track down Danny. They have run-ins with other survivors including a man and his dogs and a group of parentless children who have learned to survive on their own. And of course there’s always the militia who seem to turn up and cause them trouble no matter where they go. It was only a matter of time before one of these encounters leads to the loss of a friend.

Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips) dies from an injury suffered in the episode "Plague Dogs"

While Charlie and the others were cornered inside a restaurant by a group of dogs, Maggie ventures out once the dogs seemingly move on. She blindsided by the man who stabs her for hurting one of his dogs. Maggie’s screams alert Miles and Nora who quickly come to her aid and run the man off. Miles and Nora take the injured Maggie back to the restaurant to tend to her wound. However, Maggie’s nursing experience tells her that the injury is untreatable without proper medical attention. She exchanges sympathetic words with Charlie who becomes distraught at losing another loved one. As a last wish, Maggie asks for her cell phone which she had held onto since the blackout. She stares at the device tenderly, remembering her children back in London.

Later, Miles and the others discover where Danny is being held courtesy of information provided by another member of the resistance group rebelling against the Monroe Republic. He is on a train bound for Philadelphia along with a stock pile of weapons. Its steam powered so no batteries required. Miles hatches a plan to destroy the train and save Danny. Charlie manages to sneak her way on board to where her brother is being held. She nearly escapes with him until Captain Neville impedes her attempt, forcing her to jump from the train. At the locomotive, Miles is having trouble of his own as he contends with several soldiers until he makes the smart decision to abandon the mission. Though they failed to save Danny, all is not lost. They know the train’s destination; therefore, they continue onward.

Along the way, Nora develops an infection that must be treated or she will die. They are forced to turn to a drug kingpin named Drexel who will only relinquish the necessary antibiotics if Charlie completes a task. She must assassinate the head of a neighboring family who has burned down his crops. Miles escapes capture from Drexel and stops Charlie before she completes the task. Meanwhile, Nora and Aaron are forced to fight to the death but Aaron creates a distraction that leaves Drexel dead instead. Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Nora reunite and continue to Philadelphia.

Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers) is captured by Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito)

While all this is happening, in Philadelphia, Danny is brought before his mother Rachel who was presumed dead. She had been kept captive in Monroe’s lair—Independence Hall. Monroe has been trying to pry information about what her husband knows about the blackout for some time. When he threatens her son’s life, Rachel gives Monroe the information he needs and draws a pendant—the same type of pendant Ben gave to Aaron before he was killed. She tells him there are twelve in all and they have the potential to restore the power. Now it’s a mad hunt for the pendants. Monroe wants them to seat himself as the world’s savior. The rebels want to keep them far from his hands as much as possible.

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