Revolution S2 Ep2 “There Will Be Blood” Recap!!


Revolution - Season 2 Aaron returns from the dead and he has questions for Rachel. In the Plains Nation, Charlie hunts down and finds Monroe only to be captured herself. Miles and Sheriff Mason are held prisoner by the bandits. Two of them draw from both Miles and Mason and then Mason is killed. Rachel talks with her father Gene about sending a rescue party for Miles but Gene refuses out of fear of losing his daughter. At the refugee camp in Georgia, Neville hatches a plan with Jason and a third person to assassinate Secretary Justine Allenford. While held captive alongside Monroe, Charlie learns that the men are bounty hunters hired by the U.S. Government to bring in Monroe. She tells that Monroe will escape if left alive. Miles is taken before a man named Tidus who is clearly unstable. Tidus smashes Miles hand with a mallet. While being transported, Monroe frees himself and runs. The bounty hunters catch up to him and a fight ensues with Monroe killing one of the hunters. Charlie, having been freed by one of the hunters, arrives in time and tackles Monroe. Despite her efforts, Monroe escapes once again. In Texas, Gene gathers together a small search party for Rachel to look for Miles. Miles is taken before Tidus again where he sees a woman lying on a bed and a table with surgical equipment nearby.

Since his Christ-like resurrection, Aaron has been struggling to figure out why he was brought back. His current girlfriend Cynthia believes it’s a miracle but Aaron knows better. He knows it has something to do with the nanites but he doesn’t know why. Taking a look back at the first season, the tiny mechanisms kept Danny and Jane Warren’s partner alive with their cancer-eating capabilities. What’s to say that they not responsible for restoring Aaron to life and heal his wound. It makes sense. Rachel used the nanites she removed from Danny’s body to repair her leg after it was broken during her and Aaron mission to the Tower last season. If the nanites can cure tissue damage caused by cancer cells, why not repair tissue damage caused by physical injury. I like that the show isn’t leaving the science fiction aspect. The tone was set for it to do so but I’m glad this didn’t turn out to be the case. Though he is alive, Aaron is not all that well. He has a vision of Ben Matheson lying in a pool of blood. Why is he seeing this? Is there a message his dead friend is trying to tell him? It might have something to do with the nanites and Aaron’s return from the dead.

revolution_2-2_charlieCharlie has taken on her mother’s vendetta to kill Sebastian Monroe and seems to be more driven than Rachel was. This is a big contrast to when Rachel wanted to kill Tom Neville when he was captured by Miles for killing her husband Ben and avenge Danny with Charlie stopping her from performing the deed. Now Charlie is hunting down Monroe. When she finds him again after Monroe is captured by unknown assailants, she is also captured and held by bounty hunters hired by the U.S. Government to bring in Monroe. While tied to the ladders of an empty swimming pool, Monroe tries to plead his case but Charlie refuses to listen. Why would she? The man did kill her father and brother after all with the added fact that he held her mother captive for ten years. Talking to one of the bounty hunters, she learns that they plan to take Monroe back to their benefactors alive. Charlie warns them the Monroe will escape which she turns out to be right about. She arrives just after Monroe escapes to assist one of the bounty hunters after his partner was killed by Monroe. After Monroe eludes them yet again, Charlie looks at the bounty hunter with interest. I wouldn’t doubt that she joins up with this guy to hunt down Monroe like the punk coward he is.

Stephen Collins, known for his role as Eric Camden on '7th Heaven', plays Rachel's father Gene

Stephen Collins, known for his role as Eric Camden on ‘7th Heaven’, plays Rachel’s father Gene

We get to see Miles in a spot he’s rarely been in—as a prisoner. He and Sheriff Mason were taken by a group of men in last week’s episode for reasons yet unknown. With this episode, those reasons are still unclear. The only thing that is known is that these guys are crueler than even the Monroe militia. After drawing blood from both Miles and Mason, one of the men callously shoots Mason, killing him. Miles gets soon gets to meet the leader of the group who is clearly demented and more out of touch than Monroe. The man, whose name is Tidus, reveals that he was about to be arrested for being a pedophile on the night of the blackout. This is going to be really disturbing as he feels free to do whatever he wants without consequence. As an example, he smashes Miles’ hand with a mallet. Just out of nowhere, this guy just smashes another man’s hand for no apparent reason. Who is this Tidus and what’s his angle? It might have something to do with the woman he has hidden in a room.

Neville hatches his plan to infiltrate the U.S. Government with help from Jason and another person. He succeeds in his plan by using the third party as a decoy to gain Secretary Allenford’s trust. Now that he’s gotten close, what will be Neville’s next move? Whatever it is, we can be certain that it will not be pretty.

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