Revolution Fall finale recap!!

*WARNING-Spoiler Alert!*

It has come to this!

This is it! The showdown between former friends turned bitter enemies. Miles and Monroe and their past together were the focus of last night’s Fall finale of Revolution. The episode opens with a gunfight that breaks out in Trenton in flashback sequence set five years after the blackout. Miles and Monroe are taking part in it. Unlike the last episode which was devoid of flashbacks, this one will give a better insight on the friendship between Miles and Monroe with a look at Monroe’s descent into darkness.

Back in the present, Miles and the party have entered Philadelphia. They find a person known to Miles to seek help for Charlie who was injured in last week’s episode. At his lair, Monroe is informed about Wheatley by Neville, who advises Monroe to leave for Boston because of Miles’ presence in Philadelphia. However, Monroe makes his point to Neville about staying. Meanwhile at Nib’s house, Miles sets out to find Danny and get information on Monroe’s whereabouts. Soon after Miles leaves, militia soldiers burst into the home led by Neville. Neville knocks out Charlie with syringe filled with an unknown substance that renders her unconscious. In a comatose state, she is taken to holding cell where she meets her mother Rachel. Charlie has a difficult time dealing with the fact that her mother is alive. Elsewhere, Neville has Nora and Aaron held in a room, hoping Miles will play into his hands. In their cell, Rachel and Charlie share a heart-to-heart about Ben. Just then, Strausser enters their cell and takes them to a different location.

Neville returns home to find Miles holding his wife with the blade of his sword pressed against her throat. Miles has sniffed out the trap and negotiates a trade—Neville’s wife for his niece and friends. Miles threatens to kill her if he doesn’t get his family back. Neville agrees. He leaves and returns with Nora and Aaron whom he sets free. Miles demands his niece and nephew. Neville informs him that they are at a power plant outside of Philadelphia. After detaining Neville, Miles, Aaron, and Nora head for the power plant.

David Meunier as Sgt. Will Strausser

Charlie and Rachel are reunited with Danny. Soon, Monroe makes his presence known and demands that Rachel finish the amplifier that was started by Dr. Jaffe. At first she refuses until Monroe threatens the lives of her children. Known by his sadistic reputation, Strausser forces Rachel to choose which of her children he will kill. Rachel agrees, saving the lives of Charlie and Daniel.

Miles, Aaron and Nora make their way to the power plant where they must find a way in. Luckily, Aaron has an idea. Inside the plant, Rachel works on the amplifier with Strausser taunting her. One of Monroe’s men questions his decision to take Miles alive and asks what he will do when he sees his former subordinate. Monroe mind wanders back to the days when he and Miles were truly friends. Monroe lost his family in an automobile accident. Lost and confused and feeling he has no one to turn to, he has taken up to drinking heavily. The only person who was there to pick him up is his life-long friend Miles Matheson. Back then, the two were close like brothers.

Finishing what she and her mother started before Strausser interrupted them, Charlie and Danny make an attempt to remove a grate to escape their cell. A militia soldier opens the door and discovers Danny trying to escape. He grabs holds of him; however, he fails to see Charlie who knocks him out with the grate. Picking up the soldier’s gun, she sets off to find their mother Rachel. While this was happening, Aaron leads Miles and Nora to an intake pipe that runs under the power plant and, elsewhere, Rachel has completed the amplifier.

Monroe begs Miles to return to his side.

Danny and Charlie search for their mother when they are forced to take cover from gunfire from militia soldiers. The siblings were almost cornered until Miles shows up to save them. Charlie tells him that their mother is alive which surprises Miles. Fed up with his callus advancements toward her, Rachel tussles with Strausser and eventually kills him just as Miles enters the room and finds her standing over his body. However, their reunion is brief as militia soldiers open fire on them. They escape only to quickly run into Monroe flanked by several men. Miles tells Rachel to find her children while he deals with Monroe. Monroe views Miles as a brother because of their childhood growing up together. He refuses to kill Miles but instead offers him a chance to come back, telling him they are like family. Miles doesn’t see it the same way. Monroe is not the same man he once knew. If anything, Miles pities him for becoming something he never expected him to be—a tyrant. The former friends square off in an epic sword duel that ends with more of Monroe’s soldiers opening gunfire on Miles. This is one friendship that will not be repaired.

Outside Aaron uses the pipe bomb given to him by Nora to destroy the east wall, allowing everyone to escape. However, their moment of relief is dashed away when they hear the sound of a helicopter. The propeller-powered aircraft, that hasn’t taken to the skies in 15 years, takes aim on the fleeing party who look on in disbelief and awe.

Monroe now has power and he intends to exercise his might with his fleet of revived motorized weaponry just as Miles predicted. The rules of the game have drastically changed. How will Miles—how will anyone stop Monroe who has turned into a militant tyrant? Guess we’ll have to find out when Revolution returns in 2013.

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