Remember G4? Well J1Studios is trying to bring that back!


We all remember the days of the cable channel G4, and how much we loved it for one thing or another. Well, we want to bring some of that awesome back! Welcome to J1UP where we are going to combine the fun and energy of G4’s shows (indie style). We are going to do things a little differently now that we are in a more progressive era. This is NOT a show run by G4, but a show that will try to do some of the cool things that shows like “Attack of the Show” , and “XPlay” did. Obviously on a smaller budget. 

What makes J1UP so special and cool:

  • A 20 minute show, with 4-5 segments per show. Primarily run on Youtube.
  • Having the host lineup mostly female. Female geeks rock!
  • Representing women and men of various ethnicities.  
  • Body positive cast. 

Not everyone that’s involved in the show are in these videos, but you can get the idea. It’s a show run by nerds targeted to nerds. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!

Watch the ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO (below)

Check out the BLOOPER REEL.

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