One Nation under God! Revolution Season 2 Premiere Recap!!


revolution_randalls_last_stand_season_1It has been six months since Randall Flynn launched IBMs targeted for Atlanta and Philadelphia in an effort to put an end to the Monroe Republic and Georgia Federation for good. Miles, Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie are all still reeling from the event. Miles takes the path of the lone wolf, separating himself from everyone. Aaron tries to live somewhat normal with a new girlfriend. Rachel has become detached, falling into a world of self-loathing. Charlie, however, seems to be the most stable of the group but she still has it out for Sebastian Monroe. Elsewhere, Tom and Jason Neville search for Tom’s wife Julia Neville at a refugee camp just outside of the obliterated remains of Atlanta, Georgia. While there, a woman claiming to be Secretary of State Justine Allenford arrives via boat to the camp. She informs the refugees about the destruction of Philadelphia and Atlanta (placing the blame on Monroe and Georgia Federation President Kelly Foster) and that the President of the United States is alive and on his way to the White House. She also mentions that the remaining U.S. Government has been aware of the Rebels fighting against the Monroe Republic in the name of Patriotism and that they are willing to work with them to restore the nation to its former glory.

revolution_2-1_rachelWell, here we are. Season 2 of Revolution has begun. As we all know power has been restored long enough for Randall Flynn to take out Philadelphia and Atlanta, and then himself, all for the sake of Patriotism. In a desperate attempt to stop the missiles, Rachel and Aaron make the decision to reactivate the nanites. Well, they plunge the world back into darkness but the missiles still hit their targets. Needless to say that everyone feels like crap. Rachel has all but shut down emotionally. Throughout the first season, her mission has been to restore the power as her husband Ben wanted. The death of her son Danny fueled this as well as tacking on the need to kill Sebastian Monroe. When she reached the Tower in Colorado, is seemed like she might be able to rest easy. Sadly, those dreams have been completely smashed. The power has been turned back off and Monroe is still alive. Running from herself to her father’s house, Rachel struggles to deal with the fact that all their efforts, all the bloodshed, all the friends they have lost, all the time wasted ended up being for nothing. Not even some encouragement from her father is enough to get her out of her rut. She tries to find comfort in Miles but he too is shutting down and decides that it would be best for them to not get close.

Miles, most likely, feels that something will happen to Rachel is he gets close to her. For him, all his loves are dead with Nora being the most recent. This feeling is furthered by an incident in which he emerges from a shed he has taken refuge in with bloody hands. Afterward, he burns the shed to the ground. What happened in there and whose blood was on his hands? Miles dismisses this as he has enough demons to battle. He never thought of himself as a hero or martyr but he even wishes he could have done something about the missiles or, better yet, actually kill Monroe. If it weren’t for Monroe, Randall would not have had the necessary backing he needed to complete his assignment. But Miles’ love for his “brother” proved to be stronger. Instead of killing him, he leaves Monroe to his own fate.

Charlie seems to bearing the brunt of it all. Her father is dead. Her brother is dead. Nora is dead. And her mother is emotionally dead. Not wanting to deal with her mother’s self-loathing any longer, Charlie leaves on her own in search of the only thing that will bring her closure for all that has happened to her throughout last season—the death of Sebastian Monroe. She finds him at a small town called New Las Vegas. The former head of the Monroe Republic spends his time now fighting for money as a street fighter. Guess this is the only way to ease his pain after he lost it all last season.

revolution_2-1_nevilleIf there is one thing in the world Tom Neville loves, it is his wife Julia. He has also fallen into depression as his search for her comes up empty. He presumes her dead as she would not have left Atlanta until he returned and even if she did the destruction of the missile would be wide spread. With Philadelphia destroyed and Monroe missing, the militia he has fought for and believed in is wholly and truly dead, leaving him with no place to go. He attempts to take his own life but Jason intervenes and rekindles the fire that he has known to burn within his father. It seems like Jason is sticking by his father’s side. Despite all he has done, Tom is still his father and it looks like he needs Jason now more than ever. Without his mother, he is all Jason has left. But that may soon be dead as well. When the Secretary of State arrives at the refugee camp they’re in and proposes a partnership with the Rebels who still believe in the United States, Tom sees this as an opportunity to find the responsible party for Julia’s death. Secretary Justine Allenford says that Philadelphia and Atlanta targeted each other will IBMs in that moment when the power was restored. But Tom knows better. He knows that Monroe and Foster had no such capabilities. His plan is to infiltrate and find out the truth.

Fifteen years after the blackout, the government of the United States was still active while hiding at a U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay. They were the ones pulling the strings behind Randall Flynn’s mission to get to the Tower and wipe out the Georgia Federation and Monroe Republic to jumpstart their plan to reestablish the United States of America. It will be interesting to see how the government will restore the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” Honestly, I just can’t wait to see who exact is the Commander in Chief.

revolution_2-1_aaronAaron does his best at coping with their bitter loss at the Tower. He ends up with a woman and shares a house with her. Still, the events of that day haunt him just as they haunt Rachel. Unlike Rachel, he has a better handle on things. One night while looking at the night sky, he notices a firefly on his hand. Watching the insect illuminate and darken itself with ease Aaron can’t help but be reminded of how they came so close to doing the same thing. Then a strange phenomenon occurs. Not just the fireflies but every insect suddenly becomes luminescent. Turning the nanites off may have something to do with this. Or could it be something else? He informs Rachel of what he saw but she dismisses it. Later that night, Aaron is attacked in his home and severely injured. Rachel and her father tend to Aaron but he dies from the injury. Miles goes after the bandits and he is captured along with Sheriff Mason who arrived to help Miles. Feeling that she failed again, Rachel muses over Aaron’s death. Again, she feels as if she could have done something sooner. All of a sudden, Aaron wakes up. What does this mean? Did the reactivated nanites restore Aaron back to life? Are they responsible for the insects? It’s a whole new season with a new list of questions.