Movie review: Oblivion

Hey all you out there in the J1 Universe, hope you’re all well. with all these movies out claiming to be the best movie in the world, #1 movie in the world, etc. I figured I’d help you weed out the truth about at least one of them.
So I went to see Oblivion this past Thursday, and well let’s say i have mixed feelings about it.

 So our story starts with Jack Harper revisiting an unexplained memory in what he calls New York before the war, of him meeting up with a woman whose identity he’s not quite sure of. He wakes up next to a completely different woman in a futuristic house on a destroyed planet Earth. His job is to protect rigs that convert water into energy. while checking on a destroyed security drone he finds the woman from his dreams and things start getting crazy.

Honestly this is one of those cases when all the best parts of the movie are shown in the preview the rest of the is pretty slow paced. It was a good story but honestly I’d rather read it as a comic or a novel. I give this a 5/10.