Her weight in Gold!! Once Upon a Time S2 Ep19 Recap!!


Mr. Gold has been struggling with his dark tendencies ever since Hook shot Belle in the back, which resulted in her losing her memories of him. He wants nothing more than to end the pirate’s life. But he stays his hand—for his son Bealfire’s sake, for his own sake and now for Henry’s, his grandson, sake. But most of all, he does it for the sake of the one person to ever truly love him. Belle saw in him what he had buried the day he became the Dark One. She saw the light within his dark heart. In the fairy tale world, Rumplestiltskin has done many cruel things to people and ruined so many lives. Despite being locked in a dungeon, Belle became the one person to believe he can change. This belief is tested when a thief breaks into Rumplestiltskin’s castle in an attempt to steal a magic wand from him. He punishes the thief cruelly against Belle’s wishes to set the man free. She does this later, knowing this act would infuriate her captor. Rumplestiltskin intends to how Belle how fearful he can be by dragging her along and watch him kill the thief. Traveling through the Enchanted Forest, he encounters the sheriff of Nottingham whom Rumplestiltskin convinces to tell him the name of the thief. He soon finds Robin Hood with the wand. Belle pleads with him to spare Robin. Her efforts were almost futile until they witness Robin Hood using the wand to heal a sick Maid Marion, who is also pregnant. For a moment, Rumplestiltskin has a change of heart and spares the life of the Prince of Thieves.

Belle’s efforts to reform Rumplestiltskin coincide with Gold’s efforts to restore Belle’s memories of him and the love they had. He sees her in the hospital where she still remembers his words from when Gold was close to death from the poison Hook used on him. Something has possibly stirred up some part of her missing memory. Gold sees this. Though she doesn’t remember him, Belle is still the same caring, kind hearted woman he loves. However, that love will be tested. Blaming Gold for giving Mary Margaret the power to kill her mother Cora, Regina decides to intervene and ruin any chance Gold has of being with Belle or his son Bealfire. Gold discovers what has occurred and confronts Regina. He learns that she restored Belle’s Storybrooke identity of Lacy. As Lacy, Belle is a party going, alcoholic girl who slept with guys just for pleasure, not love. Desperate, Gold seeks help from the last person he wanted to ask—David Nolan/Prince Charming. In spite of everything Gold has done, David reluctantly helps him, for he knows Gold truly loves Belle since he has visited her constantly in the hospital. Gold finds Belle at the Rabbit Hole where she has returned to her life as Lacy. He manages to convince her to have dinner with him but this doesn’t go well. After Lacy leaves to presumably go to the restroom, Gold goes in search of her when she doesn’t return. He finds her in the alley in the arms of another man. Confronted by Gold about her actions, Lacy tells him that she tricked him and that she doesn’t love him. Gold is heart broken by this. Now, thanks to Regina, there is no chance of him ever being with his beloved Belle. Or so he thought.

Lacy is taking a stroll in the night when she finds Gold savagely beating the man she was with not too long ago. Gold looks up at her, tells her that all that has been said about him is true. That he truly is evil and he has ruined so many lives. He has nothing to lose since he has no one to share his life with—almost no one. With life restored as Lacy, the former nice girl looks upon Gold with a wicked charm as she appears to take interest in his dark self. She likes this Mr. Gold—the cruel, heartless one—over his gentler self. If Gold can’t have his Belle, he’ll have Lacy instead. It’s easier for him this way. No need to give himself a hernia playing Mr. Nice-guy. Lacy looks at him lovingly and tells him that he truly is as dark as people say. Gold responds in kind and says, “No dearie. Much darker.” Then he resumes pounding the man senseless with his beloved by his side.

This really was a Mr. Gold episode with him trying so hard to be good. But like Regina before, he found he couldn’t play nice for too long. Thanks to Regina’s interference, the feud between them may resume once again, that is if Gold decides to take the new bad Belle over the nice one. But I don’t see Regina stopping here with Gold. Now that she knows Bealfire is Henry’s father, making Gold his grandfather, she will watch from the sidelines as things play out now that Gold is slowly returning to his Rumplestiltskin ways. We know she will be smiling with delight when Bealfire sees that his father hasn’t changed at all. And we know she will see how thing play out with Mary Margaret/Snow White now that she has killed her mother Cora which darkened her heart. However, Regina suspects the royal family after speaking to Emma. Her suspicions ring true when she finds the field of magic beans that Anton and the dwarves have been growing.

However, Regina isn’t the only source of dark intensions. Greg Mendell still searches for his missing father with help from his girlfriend Nora, who is supposedly Neil/Bealfire’s fiancée. Now, Bealfire may take it hard when he learns that change for his father is nothing more than a pipedream. But imagine the devastation he will feel when he learns that his fiancée is not only already with somebody, but she also is trying to destroy magic. Their efforts have gone on without a hitch thus far, but thanks to a special delivery planned by Nora they will now have the best (and the worst) tactical advantage in the form of Captain Hook. What offer can they make to the notorious pirate that will gain his favor? Hopefully, it is something more worthy than what Cora offered him.

Tom Ellis as Robin Hood

A new character is introduced in the form of Robin Hood. He didn’t get much screen time as the focus of the episode is on Mr. Gold. Hopefully this isn’t the only appearance he’ll make. Maybe next week we’ll get to see how the Prince of Thieves’ story intertwines with the rest of the cast. Perhaps he’ll steal something from Regina (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

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