New Kids on the (Chopping) Block!! Supernatural S8 Ep 18 Recap!!


Dean and Sam investigate a series of murders where the local sheriff dubbed the case the Lady Murders. There, they are shown footage of a group of teens taking down a vampire. Dean asks the sheriff to call off the APB when he recognizes the girl in the vid as Krissy Chambers who was introduced in the Season 7 episode “Adventures in Babysitting”. At a disclosed location, the young hunters find footage of another vampire. They arrive at a hotel where they hunt down the vamp. They find the victim tied to the bed and the vampire who quickly attacks them. Sam and Dean arrive and the vampire escapes in the confusion. Krissy shoots him with a dart filled with dead man’s blood. One of the other young hunters takes off his head after reminding him that he killed her family. Dean takes Krissy aside where she tells him that a vampire filled her father. She joined up with Josephine and Aden to hunt vampires. Dean tells her to back out but she refuses. Sam and Dean decide to meet Victor who they have met before awhile back.

At a lavish home, the brothers meet Victor. They talk about the kids where Victor preaches about making the next generation of hunters better than the current. Dean disagrees. Outside, he decides to look into Josephine’s story leaving Sam to watch over the future breed of hunters.
The next morning, Victor and the kids behave like a family unit. After they leave, Victor tells Sam about his family who was killed by a Wendigo. Dean talks to the victim from the hotel room where he is told by her about the blue van and the vampire that was killed. At the home, the vampire that killed Krissy’s father is found. Sam calls Dean and discusses the stories of Josephine and the girl. The vampire Jo killed was only a month old while her family was killed three months ago. Dean returns to the hotel and learns that the man in the blue van was looking into getting a lodge not far from the hotel. Arriving at the lodge, he finds a woman who is slowly being turned into a vampire. She tells him about the guy in the hoodie and the blue van. He attempts to leave with her until he is stopped by Krissy, Josephine and Aden. Outside, Sam arrives at the same lodge where he is knocked out by Victor who is dealing with the man in the hoodie. Inside, Dean tries to convince the kids that the girl is innocent by revealing the truth about their family’s deaths.

Aden, Josephine, Krissy (Madison McLaughlin) and Dean (Jensen Ackles)

Sam awakens at victor’s home to where he learns that Victor has been cooperating with the man in the hoodie, who is a vampire, to train Krissy and the others. Dean arrives with them and learns the same truth. Victor hired the vampire to kill their families. Krissy takes out the vampire after he grabs Aden and then turns a gun on Victor, only to click the trigger of an empty gun. Distraught and shamed, Victor takes his own life.

Dean tries to convince Krissy to live with her aunt but she opts to stay with Aden and Josephine, who will be 18 soon. He lets her off without a fight. Outside, the Winchesters now realize that it is imperative for them to close the Hell Gates to prevent them from hunting anything stronger than a caged vampire hunt. Demons are far more resilient.

Sam and Dean have been hunting the supernatural since they were kids so it easy why they are so concerned when they run into a trio of teens knocking off vampires. Krissy was introduced last season during the Leviathan incident. She is still as obnoxious as Dean remembers. In this episode, she exhibits exceptional leadership skills as she calls the shots on each of the “pseudo” vampire hunts. In some ways, she is almost like a female Bobby Singer being stubborn and pigheaded which may make her loveable enough for a second return. Playing big brother, Dean tries to keep her from leading the lonely life of a hunter but he doesn’t take into account the complexity of the teenage girl. They bump heads much in the same manner as Dean would with Sam. Eventually they have a mutual agreement with Dean deciding to let Krissy live her life but he remains protective of her. He offers to have someone watch over them for a bit (How nice). It was a nice idea to set up a new generation of hunters which could set up for the Winchester’s retirement? Perhaps, as I don’t think this will be the last we’ll be seeing Krissy Chambers and her friends.

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