Meet the Queens of Darkness!! Once Upon a Time S4 Ep.11 Recap!!


Once Upon S4 Ep11_hook-gold

What a winter finale! Regina makes the toughest choice in her life and Belle finally opens her eyes to the truth. Regina saves Marion by giving her back her heart. Marion is revived and may be happy to return to Robin but the Snow Queen’s deep freeze spell didn’t dull her women’s intuition. She knows that Robin loves Regina and decides to take the back burner without a fight. Most women would be upset that their husband is having an affair but Marion is too kind to hold a grudge. However, happiness never comes for Regina. Marion falls under the Snow Queen’s ice spell again and the only way to save her is to send her the world without magic. Feeling remorseful likely for imprisoning Marion back in the Enchanted Forest, Regina tells Robin to go with his family. Like the old saying goes, “If you love something enough, set it free.” Regina loves Robin. He is the first person she has loved since she was young. She didn’t want to see him torn between her and his family. It’s a painful choice for Regina after she worked so hard to get the people of Storybrooke to see her in a new light. Where the Evil Queen drops her moniker, Gold retains his as the Dark One. He has come to love the power he gained after killing the Dark One before him. Since then he has influenced the lives of many people in the Enchanted Forest and Anna on her visit to him. A visit he totally lied about as Anna reveals just before she and Elsa return to Arendelle. Everyone is slightly surprised because Gold put up a good front that he has turned over a new leaf. But everyone kind of expected Gold to be a jerk except for one person. Belle truly believed that Gold could change for the better. But the poor girl turned a blind eye and never truly saw the beast within the man. Finally, the truth comes out when she finds an item that Gold in exchanged for her safety when he was Rumplestiltskin. Belle finds her bravery and confronts her husband. Even the mouse will fight back when it is cornered. Belle uses the dagger to order Gold out of town, sending him into our world where he has no power.

Once Upon S4 Ep11_queensofdarkness

The winter finale closes out with the introduction to three of the wickedest characters in fairy tales. Kristin Bauer van Straten returns as Maleficent who looks more like her depiction in the film of the same name. I see the backstory of the Wicked Fairy closely following what was done with the character in the film portrayed by Angelina Jolie. She will appears in a recurring capacity for a “major arc”. Victoria Smurfit plays “101 Dalmatians” villain Cruella de Vil. Fans of the NBC series “Dracula” will remember her as Lady Jayne Wetherby. She is a strong actress and is a perfect fit for this character. Merrin Dungey, best known for her role as Francie Calfo on “Alias” will portray the Sea Witch Ursula. It’s Heroes vs. Villains when “Once Upon a Time” returns in the Spring.

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