Mamoru Miyano and Yu kobayashi added to Tokyo Ghoul:re!!

Announced by the official website for the upcoming adaption of Tokyo Ghoul:re, the anime series added Yu Kobayashi and Mamoru Miyano to the cast. Yu Kobayashi is known for her role as Sasha Braus on “Attack on Titan”. She will take on the role of Tsu Tsukiyama. Mamoru Miyano portrayed Light Yagami on “Death Note” and has worked on the first TV anime Tokyo Ghoul in 2014 and the second season Tokyo Ghoul √A in 2015, playing the role of Kanae von Rosewald. The actors are excited to be taking part in this project. Below are their messages of appreciation.

“I am really glad to play Tsukiyama again. I myself was so happy to meet Tsukiyma-san and to have many feelings together. And I also met with an enormous response from the people who watched the series. I have already read the following story of the manga, I am so excited now because I have found many scenes I want to play. I’ll do my best with my whole heart to bring joys to everyone. We would gladly accept all your support!” ~ Mamoru Miyano

“Since when I read the manga, I have been fascinated by Kanae von Rosewald-san’s way
of life, character, and complex and deep emotions, which made me so heartbroken. I was impressed by
her attitude to keep fighting with her emotional conflict inside and to protect her precious things. So I
am very thankful for this opportunity to play Kanae-san. At the same time, it makes me feel very tense
and uptight. I’ll try my best to portray the character. So please support us.” ~ Yu Kobayashi

Tokyo Ghoul:re has been serialized in Sueisha’s Weekly Young Jump since October 2014 and has released 14 tankobon volumes as of late. It has become one of the best selling manga in Japan. Studio Pierrot, in cooperation with Studio Pierrot+, will be behind the highly aniticipated anime which will be directed by Toshinori Watanabe, who worked on “Naruto Shippuden.” Tokyo Ghoul:re is ready for an April 2018 premiere in Japan.

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